AFL Match Review Panel – Round 2 – McGuane might be spared

The title might not be what you think. He should go for his crued late bump on Farren Ray (the irony after round 1) but seeing as the Tigers have the Hawks this week, that will mean he will be spared chasing around Roughead or Franklin on the weekend. Not the worst time. But seriously, […]

AFL 2011 Power Rankings – Round 2 – Saints,Dees drop

Luke looks at all the teams after round 2 of the 2011 AFL Premiership season. A couple of movers both up and down but has Luke moved them enough? Check out the rankings and let us know your thoughts!

Live AFL DreamTeam scores for Round 2, 2011

If your after all the DreamTeam scores Live (when the games are on) and SuperCoach Scores at each of the quarter breaks, the Break Evans for the games to come or the new prices for players after there game is finished, you need to go checkout Fanfooty. It is run by my co-host on the […]