AFL Teams for Round 15, 2010

So the big team movement is Michael Barlow out and someone in for the Dockers. The Dockers also have a few issues down back. The Cats look set to get back not only Skipper Cameron Ling, but also Back Harry Taylor, and finals specialist Brad Ottens, although word is he will play as a perminent […]

AFL Injury lists going into Round 10, 2010

Hunger. Is my English so poor (and anyone that reads this site often knows it is bad) that I don’t understand that its another name for injuries? Don’t think so. So its interesting that the media in general is reporting that the Hawks have their hunger back at exactly the same time their players are […]

Podcast 19th October 2009 – Post Season, Post Trade Week, Post Blue Boy Fev

Hi Guys, Don’t forget you can leave audio comments below. On this weeks Show I look at: Grand final mention Fev at the Brownlow mention Trade week mention Fevola traded to the Lions Is Eddie McGuire pushing for Free Agency with his comments on Carlton not trading with the Pies? Subscribe to Mollys Monday Machinations […]

MMM – Round 15 – Fev, Solomon, Hall, new teams

On this weeks Show I look at Fev’s actions and contract talks, Soloman’s hit on Ling, an update on Barry Hall and his actions (I got it right), the new teams (West Sydney, Gold Coast and possibly Tassie) and Vossy and his coaching decision!

Fev loses it – Call from Triple m

The Fev contract dispute took an interesting turn yesterday when after comments where made about his behaviour in the contact negotiations and in his attidue in that he was huging and smiling with Saints players directly after his sides loss to them, Brendon decide off his own bat to call the station and confront the […]

Video: Hutchy gets the sam treatment (Plus the real news)

Craig Hutchison was on the Footy show last night and he was speculating and interviewing and possibly crying. He started off with an interview with the girlfriend of injured Tiger, Graham Polak. The interview wasn’t anything special apart from to hear that Graham is doing well and slowly doing a few of the normal things […]

MMM – Sunday 8th June, 2008 – Sunday Results and Schwarz vs Jeff

On todays show: Sunday results for Round 11 * Lions vs Dockers * Saints vs Dogs * Power vs Blues David Schwarz stupid comments about Jeff Kennett Molly

MMM – pissing your Career against the wall and Spying!

Hi Guys, Don’t forget you can leave audio comments below. On this weeks Show I look at: Fev pissing in Public Kane Johnson pissing in Public Spying on closed sessions. Will it become a rich clubs luxury? Mick Malthouse with more whinging Dream Team’s nightmare Thursday night (Don’t forget to check out the Coaches Box) […]