Video – Fox Footy Buddy Ad

As previously mentioned, Foxtel will have all the games available in 2012 and beyond for the next 5 years at least. They are readying the release of the FoxFooty channel and I should have more information next week on the offerings on xBox and possibly the Telstra T-Box. While your waiting for that, they have […]

Video – AFL TV Ad – Be there for the Begining

The AFL have put out there first ad for the year and it focus on the players waiting for that first bounce with the message “Be there for the Begining”. A lot of talk this year that the ads will be focused on the game more then the glamor. I have seen the ad and […]

Video – Crawf SuperCoach SuperFriends Promo

Well Feb 1st saw the opening of both DreamTeam and SuperCoach. While DreamTeam has the DT Talk boys doing their second episode, SuperCoach has a Shane Crawford based promo video. Here it is below: VIDEO: Crawf’s super friends

Video – Carlton 2011 Membership Ad

Carlton have started there 2011 Membership drive. The slogan is “NO PASSENGERS”¬†and here is their ad:

Video/Poll: New 2009 AFL Ad – In a league of their own

Here is the AFL’s new TV Commercial. Putting AFL footy amongst other sports. I personally like it, what do you think? httpv:// [poll id=”31″] PS. If the ad doesn’t work here, go check it out here