What happened to News.AFLSpace.com?

If you have come to this page, you most likely got here via a search engine or looking for my old news page. Unfortunately the running of the site became unmanageable. It was taking up too much resources of my web hosting account and I didn’t feel the risk of all my sites being shutdown was worth the benefits of that site. I personally found it a good way to find the latest AFL stories from around the web but I will have to come up with another way of doing that.

I will be endeavoring to redesign the AFL Space site to have more day-to-day news! I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in writing for the site. Most likely there will be a bit of summarization of the daily stories and then sending the traffic to the source of the main stories. I know of at least one other site that summaries the daily stories, but they DON’T link to the authorities on the stories and I think this is a huge mistake!

I hope to improve the site and would really love to hear from any young writers wanting a place to put their work but don’t necessarily have the skills to manage their own site. I have (in the past anyway) been successful in get content on this site towards the top of search engines and I hope to continue that, meaning you have a good chance to get your content in front of viewers. If you already have a site of your own, I still am happy to do guest posts or cross posts as long as there is benefit for both parties.

Sorry for any disruption the take down of the News.aflspace.com site may have caused you but I hope it will be for the best long term!

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