EXCLUSIVE – 2013 AFL Draw in XML Form

UPDATE: If you got the file before 3:30pm on 31/10/2012, it was missing rounds. Has been fixed up now (I think. No really, should be fine now). Let me know if you see any issues.

UPDATE 2: Okay, its 7:10pm 31/10/2012. The last version had 2 round 20s! My bad. New File linked below that I hope is completely right! Again, let me know of any issues or any other information you might want in the files.

Lukes Fixture Rating

Hey Guys,

Lots of people want the 2013 AFL Draw in an importable manner. Here is one example of it. I have dumped a version of it to file and you can get it here: XML version of AFL 2013 draw.


Feel free to let me know any other information you may want in a file of this type. Not saying I will add it but you never know your luck in a big city! 😉

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