Video – How many for Judd’s Chicken Wing on Adams?

Round 15 saw a ton of reports that seemed unusual and possibly caused by the full Moon. But round 16 has already started with some incidents that will be looked at badly. There was an Elbow from Scotland on Thomas that will be looked at and a bump in a contest by Ziebell and Joseph but the big issue that had everyone talking was a weird one between Judd and Leigh Adams.


Judd has priors in weird holds on players. Who can forget the famous pressure point from the 09 finals? The result of that incident could hurt him further if tonights incident gets points from the tribunal. He still will have a 30% loading from that incident. He has been  cited for misconduct. Looking at the tribunal guide, there isn’t a Misconduct charge that this nicely fits into. There is a catch all of “Any other act of serious misconduct” which this does seem to fit into. If that is the case it will go straight to the tribunal and they will sort it out there.

So what do you think? How many weeks if any should Judd get?


  1. Judd’s act was disgraceful. Evil even!
    Judd should get 4 weeks. …but I bet he’ll get off ’cause he’s such a favourite son.
    If someone did that move in Jujitsu or UFC, the “victim” would tap out straight away BECAUSE IT REALLY HURTS and can rip your shoulder out. Because Adams was pinned (and couldn’t tap out), it made it many times worse.
    Judd and others needs to be taught a lesson. Do MMA if you want to do that stuff.

    • Time will tell how bad he gets. As I said, will likely go straight to the tribunal and thats probably right with how strange an issue this is. He has had an eye-gouge, a pressure point, an elbow (he somehow got off) and now this. I don’t want to hear how Judd is a ball player or about how he is tagged!


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