AFL Teams – Round 12, 2012 – Lies, Dam Lies and AFL Injury Reports


AFL Teams – Round 12, 2012 – Lies, Dam Lies and AFL Injury Reports

Regular reads of the AFLSpace would know my feelings on truth in Advertising Team Naming/Injury Reporting and the truthfulness of Clubs and their reporting will be tested like never before in the first Match of the week. A struggling Carlton will play on Thursday Night against one of the league leaders in West Coast. After moving into flag favorite position early in the year, injuries and poor form now see the Blues in 9th spot. Some pin point the slide to the loss of Andrew Carrazzo in round 4. Last week they also lost Heath Scotland to what was then said to be 3-4 week injury. But suddenly, even after being listed up too 3 weeks away, Brett Ratten is now saying that they will be back for the vitally important trip to Perth to face the Eagles.

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But should we trust this? Are they really going to play?  Is there any advantage to the Blues to throwing this smoke screen (if they don’t play) in the Eagles direction? Many would argue there is but for me, if it happens, its just another disrespect to the fans that follow the games and more evidence that the system needs to change! But this is all based on the fact if they don’t play. I for one will be watching the team naming tonight and final teams on Thursday night. In other possible selection situations, Robbie Warnock’s health could ease the congestion in the Ruck position where the 3 rucks in the side haven’t seemed to work. There is also concerns with Chris Yarran and Matthew Kreuzer due to the short week and travel to Perth.  As for the Eagles, they should be rested up for the match coming off the bye. The good news is Luke Shuey returns from suspension but bad news is that Beau Waters will miss with Suspension.

So the teams for tomorrows match will be out tonight with the teams for the other five matches released as normal. I will give an update tomorrow morning on possible changes for the other matches.


  • Don’t forget the Coaches Box Podcast will record live tonight at 10:30pm Melbourne time.
  • Wed 12:30pm: North have already announced that Sam Gibson will be elevated from the Rookie list and play his first match this week.
  • Wed 2:05pm: Hawks have moved Michael Osbourne to the Long Term Injury list. No Rookie upgrade.
  • Wed 2:15pm: Carrazzo and Scotland got through training.
  • Wed 6:30pm: Teams for the Thursday night game are in. Carrazzo and Scotland are in……for now!
  • Thur 11:10am: Reports are that Sam Fisher and Ben “Big Boy” McEnvoy are on the plane to Adelaide meaning a chance to play this week.
  • Thur 11:40pm: Was some thought that Jack Riewoldt would be rested this week due to the ankle injury he got last week but Damien Hardwick has said that he will play this week.
  • Thur 12:20pm: Graham Johncock missed training today but should play according to Michael Doughty.
  • Thur 12:22pm: Port/Jacob Surjan reporting that the man Gerald Healy has a man crush on is back this week!
  • Thur 4:25pm: Rumor on Twitter that there is an injury concern at the Saints.
  • Thur 4:55pm: Wow! As  a Hawks fan I am surprised to see that Derick Wanganeen has been upgraded from the rookie list in replacement for Max Bailey.
  • Thur 5:30pm: Lot of talk that earlier report that Johncock would play is wrong and he will be out. Also rumors that he will be replaced by Chris Knights.
  • Thur 5:55pm:Patrick Keane reporting that there are 22 changes for the Fri/Saturday games and already 3 outs from the sunday games.
  • Thur 6:05pm: Bad whether in Perth. Expect late changes!
  • Thur 6:15pm: Hampson a late out for the Blues. Replaced by Aaron Joesph. Andy Collins their sub. The Eagles have lost Sam Butler with Tom Swift coming in and wearing the green Sub vest.
  • Thur 6:35pm: Teams are in and they could be very ugly for Fantasy coaches!
  • Fri 11:45am: Alipate Carlile has been dropped for this week due to not meeting fitness goals according to Matty Primus.
  • Fri 4:25pm: Hawks and Lions teams finalized for their Sunday match.
  • Fri 4:40pm: Port and Bulldogs teams are in as well
  • Fri 8:30pm: Saints have lost  Ahmed Saad for tonights game replaced by  Jarryn Geary who is the sub. Chris Knights on his return to the side will be sub for Adelaide.


Live AFL for those living overseas

- ————–

West Coast Eagles

B: Will Schofield, Darren Glass, Sam Butler
HB: Shannon Hurn, Eric Mackenzie, Adam Selwood
C: Andrew Gaff, Matthew Priddis, Matthew Rosa
HF: Josh Hill, Quinten Lynch, Chris Masten
F: Nic Naitanui, Jack Darling, Daniel Kerr
Foll: Dean Cox, Scott Selwood, Luke Shuey
I/C: Patrick McGinnity, Brad Sheppard, Ashton Hams, Jacob Brennan
Emg: Mitch Brown, Thomas Swift, Koby Stevens
In: Sam Butler, Luke Shuey
Out: Beau Waters (Suspension), Thomas Swift


B: Zach Tuohy, Michael Jamison, Matthew Watson
HB: Bryce Gibbs, Lachlan Henderson, Nick Duigan
C: Heath Scotland, Chris Judd, Kade Simpson
HF: Jeffrey Garlett, Matthew Kreuzer, Andrew Walker
F: Christopher Yarran, Shaun Hampson, Eddie Betts
Foll: Robert Warnock, Mitch Robinson, David Ellard
I/C: Andrew Carrazzo, Dennis Armfield, Brock McLean, Andrew Collins
Emg: Aaron Joseph, Kane Lucas, Joshua Bootsma
In: Andrew Carrazzo, Heath Scotland
Out: Aaron Joseph, Joshua Bootsma


B: Brent Reilly, Ben Rutten, Sam Shaw
HB: Matthew Jaensch, Daniel Talia, Michael Doughty
C: Nathan van Berlo, Scott Thompson, David Mackay
HF: Jared Petrenko, Taylor Walker, Matthew Wright
F: Josh Jenkins, Kurt Tippett, Jason Porplyzia
Foll: Sam Jacobs, Rory Sloane, Patrick Dangerfield
I/C: Richard Douglas, Chris Knights, Brodie Martin, Ian Callinan
Emg: Brad Symes, Ricky Henderson, Brodie Smith
In: Chris Knights, David Mackay, Brodie Martin
Out: Graham Johncock (Back), Bernie Vince (Suspension), Brodie Smith

St Kilda

B: Jason Gram, Jason Blake, James Gwilt
HB: Sean Dempster, Sam Fisher, Sam Gilbert
C: David Armitage, Lenny Hayes, Nick Dal Santo
HF: Jack Steven, Nick Riewoldt, Brendon Goddard
F: Stephen Milne, Justin Koschitzke, Ahmed Saad
Foll: Ben McEvoy, Leigh Montagna, Clinton Jones
I/C: Raphael Clarke, Adam Schneider, Arryn Siposs, Terry Milera
Emg: Jarryn Geary, Tom Simpkin, Jack Newnes
In: Sam Fisher, Ben McEvoy
Out: Tom Simpkin, Jack Newnes

GWS Giants

B: Luke Power, Phil Davis, Sam Darley
HB: Tomas Bugg, Tim Mohr, Toby Greene
C: Tom Scully, James McDonald, Adam Treloar
HF: Chad Cornes, Jeremy Cameron, Rhys Palmer
F: Devon Smith, Jonathon Patton, Nick Haynes
Foll: Dean Brogan, Callan Ward, Dylan Shiel
I/C: Shaun Edwards, Andrew Phillips, Sam Schulz, Taylor Adams
Emg: Gerald Ugle, Mark Whiley, Nathan Wilson
In: Shaun Edwards, Sam Schulz, Rhys Palmer, Jonathon Patton, Dean Brogan
Out: Jonathan Giles (Calf), Jacob Townsend (Jaw), Stephen Coniglio (Hand), Sam Reid (Shoulder), Dom Tyson (Shin)
New: Sam Schulz (Murray Bushrangers U18), Jonathon Patton (Eastern Ranges U18)


B: Jake Batchelor, Alex Rance, Chris Newman
HB: Bachar Houli, Ben Griffiths, Matt Dea
C: Shaun Grigg, Dustin Martin, Daniel Jackson
HF: Brett Deledio, Brad Miller, Shane Edwards
F: Reece Conca, Jack Riewoldt, Robin Nahas
Foll: Ivan Maric, Trent Cotchin, Shane Tuck
I/C: Daniel Connors, Jake King, Brandon Ellis, Brett O’Hanlon
Emg: Angus Graham, Luke McGuane, Matthew White
In: Daniel Connors, Jake King, Brad Miller
Out: Tyrone Vickery (Leg), Steven Morris (Shoulder), Addam Maric

Gold Coast Suns

B: Seb Tape, Matthew Warnock, Taylor Hine
HB: Sam Iles, Rory Thompson, Trent McKenzie
C: Michael Rischitelli, Karmichael Hunt, Joel Wilkinson
HF: Harley Bennell, Jared Brennan, Liam Patrick
F: Daniel Stanley, Sam Day, Luke Russell
Foll: Tom Hickey, Josh Caddy, Gary Ablett
I/C: Zac Smith, Campbell Brown, Brandon Matera, Kyal Horsley
Emg: Matt Shaw, Steven May, Alex Sexton
In: Zac Smith, Taylor Hine, Joel Wilkinson, Liam Patrick, Kyal Horsley
Out: Josh Toy, Matt Shaw, Alex Sexton, Aaron Hall, Andrew McQualter

North Melbourne

B: Scott McMahon, Scott Thompson, Michael Firrito
HB: Shaun Atley, Nathan Grima, Jamie Macmillan
C: Ryan Bastinac, Daniel Wells, Levi Greenwood
HF: Brent Harvey, Robert Tarrant, Leigh Adams
F: Aaron Black, Drew Petrie, Lindsay Thomas
Foll: Todd Goldstein, Andrew Swallow, Jack Ziebell
I/C: Samuel Wright, Ben Cunnington, Kieran Harper, Sam Gibson
Emg: Matt Campbell, Cruize Garlett, Liam Anthony
In: Scott McMahon, Lindsay Thomas, Robert Tarrant, Sam Gibson
Out: Aaron Edwards, Cruize Garlett, Luke Delaney, Cameron Delaney
New: Sam Gibson (Box Hill Hawks)


B: Brent Guerra, Josh Gibson, Shaun Burgoyne
HB: Grant Birchall, Ryan Schoenmakers, Benjamin Stratton
C: Bradley Hill, Sam Mitchell, Clinton Young
HF: Isaac Smith, Lance Franklin, Luke Breust
F: Cyril Rioli, Jarryd Roughead, Jack Gunston
Foll: David Hale, Brad Sewell, Liam Shiels
I/C: Shane Savage, Thomas Murphy, Matt Suckling, Paul Puopolo
Emg: Kyle Cheney, Cameron Bruce, Derick Wanganeen
In: Thomas Murphy
Out: Brendan Whitecross (Hip)

Brisbane Lions

B: Mitchell Golby, Matt Maguire, Niall McKeever
HB: Josh Drummond, Joel Patfull, Jed Adcock
C: Tom Rockliff, Ryan Lester, Pearce Hanley
HF: Dayne Zorko, Jonathan Brown, Jared Polec
F: James Polkinghorne, Daniel Merrett, Aaron Cornelius
Foll: Ben Hudson, Andrew Raines, Daniel Rich
I/C: Jack Redden, Ryan Harwood, Joshua Green, Rohan Bewick
Emg: Cheynee Stiller, Patrick Karnezis, Elliot Yeo
In: Ryan Harwood
Out: Ashley McGrath (Knee)

Western Bulldogs

B: Easton Wood, Brian Lake, Ryan Hargrave
HB: Robert Murphy, Mark Austin, Dylan Addison
C: Daniel Cross, Matthew Boyd, Mitchell Wallis
HF: Adam Cooney, Liam Jones, Tory Dickson
F: Daniel Giansiracusa, Ayce Cordy, Luke Dahlhaus
Foll: William Minson, Ryan Griffen, Liam Picken
I/C: Shaun Higgins, Jordan Roughead, Christian Howard, Thomas Liberatore
Emg: Patrick Veszpremi, Clay Smith, Fletcher Roberts
In: Liam Jones, Christian Howard
Out: Patrick Veszpremi, Daniel Pearce (Hip)

Port Adelaide

B: Andrew Moore, Jackson Trengove, Jacob Surjan
HB: Danyle Pearce, Troy Chaplin, Hamish Hartlett
C: Darren Pfeiffer, Domenic Cassisi, Kane Cornes
HF: John McCarthy, Justin Westhoff, Matthew Broadbent
F: Chad Wingard, Jay Schulz, Brett Ebert
Foll: Brent Renouf, Bradley Ebert, Matt Thomas
I/C: Paul Stewart, Jarrad Redden, Tom Logan, Ben Jacobs
Emg: Alipate Carlile, Matthew Lobbe, Cameron Hitchcock
In: Matt Thomas, Tom Logan
Out: Alipate Carlile, Cameron Hitchcock

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