AFL Teams – Round 3, 2012 – Can Tigers over come their Demons?


AFL Teams for Round 3, 2012

Its only round 3 yet we already have the commentators talking about teams seasons being basically over. No game this week has this theme more then the 1:45pm match at the G on Saturday between the winless Demons and Tigers. While the Tigers can argue games against expected top 4 contenders, Carlton and Collingwood (who will each other this week as well), is the reason for their winless start, the footy world will come down hard on them if they can’t get over the hapless and perhaps unlucky Demons.

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The Demons should see the return of Moloney and Martin from injury that will help solidify there side but perhaps fans (at least of the fantasy game) are hoping the Tom Couch, who was upgrade from the rookie list before the season, will get his chance at the big dance after being very impressive at the VFL level. It will also be interesting to see if Aaron Davies gets a reprieve after being dropped at the end of a tough week last week. The Tigers on the other hand will lose handy forward Jake “The Pushup” King. Addam Maric is likely in the frame to get his spot.

Carlton and Collingwood will battle in Friday night footy and both could get some help for their defenses. Carlton look certain to regain their best defender, Michael Jamison and maybe even Nick Duigan. It is likely that Andrew “Sky” Walker will be given another week to get over his recent quad injury. Pies Coach Nathan Buckley has flagged at least 3 changes with Skipper Nick Maxwell finally returning from injury, Sharrod Wellingham returning from his club imposed suspension and Cameron Wood likely to be piked to support Darren Jolly in the Ruck after Dawes struggled in that role in the first two rounds. Nathan Brown, Alan Didak and Ben Johnson have been pencilled in to play in the VFL.

In other selection news:

More updates over the course of the weekend as they come to hand in the update section below, keep coming back for the teams and the latest.


  • No updates yet but don’t forget to checkout the latest version of the Coaches Box AFL DreamTeam and SuperCoach podcast where Monty and myself discuss the import issue  and player performances for the important round 3 of Fantasy footy.
  • Thur 6:30pm: Teams are in!
  • Fri 2pm: Couple of guys out of the Cats Squad for Sunday. Smedts and Stokes are out of the 25 man squad replaced by Simon “Hulk” Hogan and Schroder.
  • Fri 4pm: Word is the Swan Mark Seaby has flown with the team to Adelaide so if you have Shane Mumford in your fantasy team, have an emergency ready.
  • Fri 5pm: Final Teams for the West Coast and GWS are in. Waiting on other Sunday matches. Should be up shortly. Stay here and hit refresh.
  • Fri 5:02pm: Hawks and Crows teams in. Last game not far away. Keep hitting refresh!
  • Fri 5:15pm: Final Sunday team updated.
  • Fri 5:16pm: Some rumors that Mummy didn’t train in Adelaide today. Make sure you have an emergency in the Rucks if you have him!
  • Fri 6:31pm: Nick Duigan sub for Carlton and  Ben Sinclair the cub for the Pies
  • Sat 12:50pm: Good news for DreamTeam/SuperCoach owners of Shane Mumford. He is playing. Subs for this game are Andrejs Everitt  for the Swans and Cameron “Rick” O’Shea for the Power.
  • Sat 12:55pm: Addam Maric will have to wait to get a crack at his old club as he has been made the Sub for the Tigers and Lynden Dunn for the Demons.
  • Sat 7:30pm: Late change for the Saints. Tom Ledger replaced by Dean Polo. Jammie Cripps will be the Sub for the Saints while Nathan Djerrkura will be the Sub for the Doggies.
  • Sun 9:15am: Crows have lost Ricky Henderson for todays game and will replace him with Sam Kerridge who will be making his debut after joining the Crows from Bendigo Pioneers.
  • Sun 12:05pm: Subs for the Greater Western Sydney is Curtly Hampton and for the West Coast its Patrick McGinnity




B: Jeremy Laidler, Lachlan Henderson, Christopher Yarran
HB: Edward Curnow, Paul Bower, Zach Tuohy
C: Heath Scotland, Chris Judd, Kade Simpson
HF: Jeffrey Garlett, Jarrad Waite, Marc Murphy
F: Michael Jamison, Matthew Kreuzer, Eddie Betts
Foll: Shaun Hampson, Andrew Carrazzo, Bryce Gibbs
I/C: Dennis Armfield, Mitch Robinson, Kane Lucas
Sub: Nick Duigan
Emg: Jordan Russell, Bret Thornton, Brock McLean
In: Michael Jamison, Nick Duigan
Out: Jordan Russell, Bret Thornton


B: Heritier O’Brien, Lachlan Keeffe, Heath Shaw
HB: Nick Maxwell, Ben Reid, Tyson Goldsack
C: Dane Swan, Luke Ball, Sharrod Wellingham
HF: Dale Thomas, Chris Dawes, Jarryd Blair
F: Dayne Beams, Travis Cloke, Alex Fasolo
Foll: Darren Jolly, Scott Pendlebury, Steele Sidebottom
I/C: Alan Toovey, Martin Clarke, Cameron Wood
Sub: Ben Sinclair
Emg: Tom Young, Paul Seedsman, Jackson Paine
In: Nick Maxwell, Sharrod Wellingham, Cameron Wood
Out: Chris Tarrant (Calf), Paul Seedsman, Jackson Paine


B: Steven Morris, Alex Rance, Chris Newman
HB: Bachar Houli, Dylan Grimes, Brandon Ellis
C: Shaun Grigg, Dustin Martin, Daniel Jackson
HF: Brett Deledio, Tyrone Vickery, Shane Edwards
F: Brad Miller, Jack Riewoldt, Robin Nahas
Foll: Ivan Maric, Trent Cotchin, Nathan Foley
I/C: Shane Tuck, Reece Conca, Jake Batchelor
Sub: Addam Maric
Emg: Angus Graham, Matthew White, Matt Dea
In: Addam Maric
Out: Jake King (Knee)


B: James Frawley, James Sellar, Clint Bartram
HB: Tom McDonald, Jared Rivers, Colin Garland
C: Rohan Bail, Jack Grimes, Nathan Jones
HF: Cale Morton, Jack Watts, Jeremy Howe
F: Matthew Bate, Mitchell Clark, Aaron Davey
Foll: Mark Jamar, James Magner, Jack Trengove
I/C: Stefan Martin, Jordie McKenzie, Luke Tapscott
Sub:Lynden Dunn
Emg: Brad Green, Jack Fitzpatrick, Joel Macdonald
In: Aaron Davey, Cale Morton, Stefan Martin, Luke Tapscott
Out: Brad Green, Ricky Petterd, Jamie Bennell, Joel Macdonald

Port Adelaide

B: Ben Jacobs, Alipate Carlile, Jackson Trengove
HB: Danyle Pearce, Troy Chaplin, Jacob Surjan
C: Hamish Hartlett, Domenic Cassisi, Kane Cornes
HF: John McCarthy, Daniel Stewart, Robert Gray
F: Chad Wingard, Jay Schulz, Justin Westhoff
Foll: Jarrad Redden, Bradley Ebert, Travis Boak
I/C: Matt Thomas, Paul Stewart, Matthew Broadbent
Sub: Cameron O’Shea
Emg: Simon Phillips, Brent Renouf, Darren Pfeiffer
In: Robert Gray
Out: David Rodan

Sydney Swans

B: Martin Mattner, Heath Grundy, Alex Johnson
HB: Gary Rohan, Ted Richards, Rhyce Shaw
C: Craig Bird, Kieren Jack, Nick Malceski
HF: Jarrad McVeigh, Sam Reid, Lewis Jetta
F: Jude Bolton, Jesse White, Ben McGlynn
Foll: Shane Mumford, Adam Goodes, Josh P. Kennedy
I/C: Ryan O’Keefe, Daniel Hannebery, Luke Parker
Sub: Andrejs Everitt
Emg: Mark Seaby, Nathan Gordon, Harry Cunningham
In: Jesse White, Shane Mumford, Andrejs Everitt
Out: Lewis Roberts-Thomson (Cheekbone), Nicholas Smith (Virus), Mark Seaby


B: Garrick Ibbotson, Zac Dawson, Adam McPhee
HB: Michael Johnson, Luke McPharlin, Tendai Mzungu
C: Clancee Pearce, Ryan Crowley, Stephen Hill
HF: Matthew de Boer, Matthew Pavlich, Michael Barlow
F: Christopher Mayne, Kepler Bradley, Josh Mellington
Foll: Aaron Sandilands, Nathan Fyfe, Greg Broughton
I/C: Paul Duffield, Nick Suban, Zachary Clarke
Sub: David Mundy
Emg: Jay van Berlo, Dylan Roberton, Alex Silvagni
In: David Mundy
Out: Jack Anthony

Brisbane Lions

B: Ashley McGrath, Matt Maguire, Josh Drummond
HB: Mitchell Golby, Daniel Merrett, Joel Patfull
C: Jed Adcock, Tom Rockliff, Daniel Rich
HF: Claye Beams, Jonathan Brown, Todd Banfield
F: Ryan Harwood, Matthew Leuenberger, Ryan Lester
Foll: Billy Longer, James Polkinghorne, Jack Redden
I/C: Pearce Hanley, Andrew Raines, Jesse O’Brien,
Sub: Jared Polec
Emg: Niall McKeever, Rohan Bewick, Elliot Yeo
In: Jonathan Brown, Josh Drummond, Andrew Raines, Ryan Harwood, Billy Longer
Out: Simon Black (Hand), Cheynee Stiller, Niall McKeever, Rohan Bewick, Ben Hudson
New: Billy Longer (Northern Knights (VIC))

Western Bulldogs

B: Easton Wood, Brian Lake, Ryan Hargrave
HB: Robert Murphy, Lukas Markovic, Dylan Addison
C: Daniel Cross, Ryan Griffen, Liam Picken
HF: Daniel Giansiracusa, Liam Jones, Jarrad Grant
F: Shaun Higgins, Jordan Roughead, Luke Dahlhaus
Foll: William Minson, Matthew Boyd, Adam Cooney
I/C: Ayce Cordy, Thomas Liberatore, Clay Smith
Sub: Nathan Djerrkura
Emg: Patrick Veszpremi, Justin Sherman, Tory Dickson
In: Ayce Cordy
Out: Tory Dickson

St Kilda

B: Jarryn Geary, Sam Gilbert, Jason Blake
HB: Tom Simpkin, Sam Fisher, Sean Dempster
C: Jack Newnes, Lenny Hayes, Brendon Goddard
HF: Jack Steven, Nick Riewoldt, Jamie Cripps
F: Stephen Milne, Rhys Stanley, Leigh Montagna
Foll: Ben McEvoy, Clinton Jones, Nick Dal Santo
I/C: Justin Koschitzke, David Armitage, Terry Milera
Sub: Tom Ledger
Emg: Farren Ray, Dean Polo, Beau Wilkes

Gold Coast Suns

B: Jared Brennan, Matthew Warnock, Seb Tape
HB: Maverick Weller, Nathan Bock, Jarrod Harbrow
C: Josh Caddy, Dion Prestia, Michael Rischitelli
HF: Luke Russell, Tom Lynch, Harley Bennell
F: Brandon Matera, Sam Day, Aaron Hall
Foll: Zac Smith, David Swallow, Gary Ablett
I/C: Karmichael Hunt, Josh Fraser, Matt Shaw
Sub: Trent McKenzie
Emg: Josh Toy, Joel Wilkinson, Jeremy Taylor
In: Josh Fraser, Sam Day, Nathan Bock, Seb Tape
Out: Campbell Brown (Groin), Tom Hickey, Steven May (Rested), Jeremy Taylor


B: Courtenay Dempsey, Dustin Fletcher, Jake Carlisle
HB: Kyle Hardingham, Tayte Pears, Dyson Heppell
C: Michael Hibberd, Jobe Watson, Brent Stanton
HF: Stewart Crameri, Michael Hurley, Alwyn Davey
F: David Zaharakis, Patrick Ryder, Leroy Jetta
Foll: Tom Bellchambers, Heath Hocking, Jake Melksham
I/C: Angus Monfries, Kyle Reimers, Ben Howlett
Sub: Ricky Dyson
Emg: Henry Slattery, Cale Hooker, Luke Davis
In: Ricky Dyson, Heath Hocking, Alwyn Davey, Kyle Reimers, Tom Bellchambers
Out: David Hille (Calf), Sam Lonergan (Suspension), Nathan Lovett-Murray (Hamstring), Mark McVeigh (Soreness), David Myers (Hamstring)

GWS Giants

B: Phil Davis, Tim Mohr, Jack Hombsch
HB: Luke Power, Chad Cornes, Adam Kennedy
C: Rhys Palmer, Tomas Bugg, Tom Scully
HF: Stephen Coniglio, Jeremy Cameron, Adam Tomlinson
F: Toby Greene, Jonathan Giles, Devon Smith
Foll: Dean Brogan, Callan Ward, Dylan Shiel
I/C:  Israel Folau, Jacob Townsend, Adam Treloar
Sub: Curtly Hampton
Emg: Shaun Edwards, William Hoskin-Elliot, Liam Sumner
In: Adam Treloar, Adam Tomlinson, Dean Brogan
Out: Nathan Wilson, Dom Tyson (Injured), William Hoskin-Elliot,
New: Shaun Edwards (Melbourne Grammar/St. Mary’s), Adam Treloar (Dandenong Stingrays/Noble Park), Liam Sumner (), Dean Brogan (Port Adelaide)

West Coast Eagles

B: Beau Waters, Eric Mackenzie, Ashley Smith
HB: Adam Selwood, Will Schofield, Shannon Hurn
C: Andrew Gaff, Scott Selwood, Chris Masten
HF: Josh Hill, Quinten Lynch, Jack Darling
F: Dean Cox, Josh Kennedy, Ashton Hams
Foll: Nic Naitanui, Luke Shuey, Daniel Kerr
I/C: Mitch Brown, Bradd Dalziell, Koby Stevens
Sub: Patrick McGinnity
Emg: Sam Butler, Ryan Neates, Jacob Brennan
In: Mitch Brown, Patrick McGinnity, Bradd Dalziell, Koby Stevens
Out: Andrew Embley (Shoulder), Darren Glass (Groin), Matthew Priddis (Quad), Matthew Rosa (Quad)
New: Ryan Neates (Claremont (WA)), Jacob Brennan (East Fremantle)


B: Benjamin Stratton, Josh Gibson, Brent Guerra
HB: Grant Birchall, Ryan Schoenmakers, Matt Suckling
C: Brendan Whitecross, Sam Mitchell, Shane Savage
HF: Shaun Burgoyne, Lance Franklin, Cyril Rioli
F: Jarryd Roughead, David Hale, Luke Breust
Foll: Broc McCauley, Brad Sewell, Jordan Lewis
I/C: Michael Osborne, Liam Shiels, Kyle Cheney, Jack Gunston
Emg: Chance Bateman, Bradley Hill, Clinton Young
In: Liam Shiels, Kyle Cheney
Out: Isaac Smith (Back), Chance Bateman
New: Bradley Hill (West Perth)


B: Graham Johncock, Ben Rutten, Andy Otten
HB: Brent Reilly, Daniel Talia, Brodie Smith
C: Rory Sloane, Scott Thompson, David Mackay
HF: Bernie Vince, Tom Lynch, Ian Callinan
F: Jason Porplyzia, Kurt Tippett, Taylor Walker
Foll: Sam Jacobs, Nathan van Berlo, Patrick Dangerfield
I/C: Michael Doughty, Jared Petrenko, Brodie Martin, Sam Kerridge
Emg: Chris Knights, Sam Shaw
In: Brodie Martin, Sam Kerridge
Out: Richard Douglas (Hamstring), Ricky Henderson (Late out, Sunday Morning)
New: Sam Shaw (Oakleigh Chargers (Vic)), Sam Kerridge (Bendigo Pioneers)

North Melbourne

B: Scott McMahon, Scott Thompson, Jamie Macmillan
HB: Michael Firrito, Luke Delaney, Liam Anthony
C: Daniel Wells, Andrew Swallow, Shaun Atley
HF: Ryan Bastinac, Todd Goldstein, Samuel Wright
F: Matt Campbell, Drew Petrie, Lindsay Thomas
Foll: Hamish McIntosh, Leigh Adams, Brent Harvey
I/C: Aaron Edwards, Jack Ziebell, Ben Cunnington, Kieran Harper
Emg: Cameron Delaney, Aaron Mullett, Ben Warren
In: Jack Ziebell, Luke Delaney
Out:  Cameron Delaney, Aaron Mullett

Geelong Cats

B: Cameron Guthrie, Tom Lonergan, Corey Enright
HB: Andrew Mackie, Harry Taylor, Taylor Hunt
C: Joel Corey, Joel Selwood, Steven Motlop
HF: Paul Chapman, Tom Hawkins, Allen Christensen
F: Trent West, James Podsiadly, Steve Johnson
Foll: Orren Stephenson, Jimmy Bartel, James Kelly
I/C: Shannon Byrnes, Tom Gillies, Mitch Duncan, George Horlin-Smith
Emg:  Mitch Brown, Simon Hogan, Jordan Schroder
In: Tom Gillies, George Horlin-Smith, Orren Stephenson,
Out: Matthew Stokes (Friday Withdrawl), Billie Smedts(Friday Withdrawl), Mitch Brown
New: George Horlin-Smith (Sturt)

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