AFL Match Review Panel – Round 1, 2012 – Week 1: Suspension for a bud!

AFL Match Review Panel – Round 1, 2012 – Week 1

The Giants have had there first game and they survived it and in fact handed out as much as they got. Having said that, one of the acts of aggression went to far and in fact raised the ire of the Match Review Panel. So among the firsts that the Giants got out of the way, was the first suspension in a home and away game. One of the strange bits about it was the MRP rubbed out one of their former members in the process. James McDonald, who sat on the MRP last year.

The incident in question was a bump on young Swan, Luke Parker. It was the definition of the bumping rule and the result is exactly the reason why players doing this have to be rubbed out. Parker was left with a crack in the jaw that will see him out for 3 weeks. McDonald, who is also a midfield coach for the GWS will not be allowed on the ground as a player or a coach.



Charges Laid:

James McDonald, GWS Giants, has been charged with a Level Three engaging in rough conduct offence against Luke Parker, Sydney Swans, during the first quarter of the Round One match between the GWS Giants and the Sydney Swans, played at ANZ Stadium on Saturday March 24, 2012.

In summary, he can accept a two-match sanction with an early plea.

Based on the video evidence available and a medical report from the Sydney Swans Football Club, the incident was assessed as negligent conduct (one point), high impact (three points) and high contact (two points). This is a total of six activation points, resulting in a classification of a Level three offence, drawing 325 demerit points and a three-match sanction. He has no existing good or bad record. An early plea reduces the penalty by 25 per cent to 243.75 points and a two-match sanction.


Other incidents Assessed:

Contact between the GWS Giants’ Chad Cornes and the Sydney Swans’ Josh Kennedy from the third quarter of Saturday’s match was assessed. Kennedy has attempted to take possession of a loose ball when he slips over. Cornes is coming to the contest from behind Kennedy, who turns back towards the ball as he is on the ground. Cornes drops his knees as he reaches for the ball. His knees make contact with the ground and he then makes body and head contact to player Kennedy, conceding a free kick. After viewing all available footage and receiving a medical report from the Sydney Swans, it was the view of the panel that the force used was below that required to constitute a report. No further action was taken.

Contact between the Sydney Swans’ Jarrad McVeigh and the GWS Giants’ Stephen Coniglio from the fourth quarter of Saturday’s match was assessed. Sydney Swans player Nick Malceski was prepared to kick the ball back into play after a behind had been scored. McVeigh and Coniglio are together at the 50-metre line when McVeigh seeks to push off his opponent and lead for the ball. After reviewing all available footage, receiving a medical report from the GWS Giants and conducting an investigation with both players, it was the view of the panel the action from McVeigh was not a striking motion. No further action was taken.

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