AFL on TBOX/xBox: Costly for what you get! (Or is it)

(Note: Updates at end of article)

Its the first of February and apart from AFL Dreamteam and SuperCoach opening (and first episode of the Coaches Box Podcast for the year), it is also is meant to see the announcement of the deal for what xBox and Telstra T-Box owners can expect to see in way of packages and costs. Although at the time of writing, neither have officially made the announcement (at this time the URL that has been given for the xBox details takes you to a maintenance page) some leaks show that the cost of the package will be $20.

Yes, I said $20. And if the reports that I am hearing are right, and this package doen’t have the full lineup of programs, then this seems way to high and will severely impact take up of the offer. Lets look at the full cost. First the T-Box:

T-Box monthly fee: $11
Basic Foxtel Package (needed): $19.50
AFL Foxtel Package:  $20

Total (without Sports mind you): $50.50 ($60.50 with Sports)

xBox cost (as I understand it, assuming you already have an xBox too):

xBox Live Gold membership (which I understand you need): $6.50 (Approx)
Basic Foxtel Package (needed): $19.50
AFL Foxtel Package:  $20
Total (without Sports mind you): $46 ($56 with Sports)

Here is a screenshot of the Package notes. It is unclear if you need to have Sports Package to get the Footy Play package:

So I think that this will hurt the take up. The base T-Box and xBox with Foxtel gets replays of games within a day of them being on. I know myself, I am planing on (assuming you don’t get the extra shows) just taking up the Footy Play style channel when the Hawks have games interstate. The beauty of the Foxtel on Tbox package is that you can add and remove packages on the go as there is no lock in contracts.

So what do you guys think about this? Will you be more, same or less likely to take this up with the news on the pricing? Are you pissed with this price or is it reasonable for just 4 extra live games a week (thats $5 a game!!!!)?



Some further information from the launch:

  • Xbox Footy Play will definitely miss a game a week even through the byes! This goes against what was said in the releases about the TV Rights
  • Footy Play will show AFL 360 and On the Couch as well as some other events. Here is the comment from the release:
    FOOTY PLAY will also show AFL 360 and On The Couch, as well as other key AFL events including the NAB AFL Draft, NAB Rising Star, AFL Hall of Fame, All Australian Awards, North Melbourne Grand Final Breakfast. The Brownlow Medal will also be live on FOOTY PLAY.
  •  You have to subscribe to Sports as well.
  • There will be the option to buy a “Season Pass” that will mean you pay for 5 months and get 2 months free.


Further at looking at this situation shows that you are actually playing almost twice as much to add the 8 games on xBox to your basic Foxtel package as you are if you are adding it to basic normal Foxtel package! 29.95 vs $16! Really shows that Foxtel don’t want you on xBox but full Foxtel!


Seems that all the shows on FoxFooty will be available on Footy Play! Great news and brings the value of the deal right up!


  1. What a rip-off IMO. So glad I got the iqHD, Basic, Sports and HD pack which set me $71 p/m and FOX FOOTY included at no extra cost. It’s money well spent and will watch every action of the NAB Cup to plan my Dream Team.

    • Yep, I think thats Foxtels intention! They want to move people off the Foxtel on Tbox and xBox to full foxtel. I wonder if the next move is to up the price on foxtel. A lot of deals are discounted for 6mths!

  2. Shocking ripoff. But Foxtel got what they wanted, at least from me… I rang up and ordered Foxtel with sport and HD today… I couldn’t justify $57 a month on the xbox when for $70 a month plus $150 set up I’m able to get the full foxtel package including NRL and Premier League red button. Given the outrageous price it would be worth the extra $13 for the fact that it’s in HD.

    The result? Neither West Coast Eagles nor Canberra Raiders will be getting memberships bought this season because I’m adhering to what the codes apparently want – television subscriptions instead of club memberships. I hope their $500m from Foxtel is worth it in 10 years when membership numbers have dropped.

    I hope the AFL also feels it’s worth it when they’ve driven their fans towards so many other competing forms of entertainment including NRL, Super Rugby, A-League and maybe even the Big Bash.

    • $71/month as well as $150 upgrade fee is what I exactly got. Much better than the ripoff that is Foxtel on Xbox 360. Apart from HD footy, I get every Premier League match live, NRL, French Open, US Open and Davis Cup Tennis, International Cricket, The Rugby Championship and Super Rugby all in stunning HD.

  3. I looked into this $20 foxtel deal for sports but could not justify having to pay $20 a month, ontop of my $70 Internet bill and a $80 gold 12 month membership.

  4. I think it will be better when the AFL take over and do mobile + online by themselves. It’s unfair on fans to only have a choice of one provider.

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