Breaking News: No FoxFooty Channel on Xbox and Telstra T-box?

I reported in the past about the coming FoxFooty channel and their increasing marketing including their use of Buddy Franklin’s great goal verse the Bombers in an ad for it. But now I have been informed by a representative of Foxtel that the Foxtel on Xbox and T-Box that we believed where getting the FoxFooty channel will not get it and in fact that it the FoxFooty channel will be exclusive to direct subscribers of Foxtel!

There is evidence that at least xBox will get 8 of the games live but it isn’t clear what happens with the 9th match and what about the other FoxFooty shows such as On the couch and AFL 360, the later of which has been failed as a great Footy show and will be on 4 nights a week on the new channel! So what information have we seen about the offerings on Xbox/T-box? here is a list:

  • In the announcement of the new TV deal, there is reference that all the games will be available on both mobile and broadband via Foxtel on Xbox and T-Box:

    Live games delivered via mobile/broadband – for the first time ever, all AFL games will be delivered live over Telstra Next G® mobiles. Additionally, one match per round will be available via the internet to Telstra T-Box customers. Additional matches will be available to Telstra T-Box customers and Microsoft Xbox LIVE customers who subscribe to the FOXTEL channels.

    (Quote taken from this Press Release:

  • In the press release about Eddie McGuire joining the FoxFooty channel, it was suggested that FoxFooty would be available on Xbox and Tbox due to the inclusion of this note to the press release:

    supplemental charges will apply for HD and Xbox customers (separate pricing will be announced by Telstra for its TBox and Mobile FOXTEL products).

    (Full Press Release available here:

  • The FoxFooty Channel will begin 17th February for the start of the NAB Cup
  • Some evidence of the T-Box having an additional package for the AFL is showing up on the T-Box management page for Foxtel:

    PDATE: Tbox screen now showing the last item as: “AFL from 16/2/2012”
  • There is also evidence of the package hidden in the subscription update screen suggesting access to the NAB Cup, Home and Away Season and AFL Finals but not of the actual FoxFooty Channel. The following string is embedded but hidden in the HTML code:
    “Sports AFL includes, preseason NAB Cup, AFL  season and AFL Finals series”,”FOXTEL on T- Box AFL”,”This offering is not yet for sale”,”FOXTELTBOXAFL”
I have contacted people in the know at both Foxtel and Telstra but neither have confirmed or denied this after my initial source. There is going to be further announcement of the package for Xbox on Wednesday February 1st and I will update you after that announcement?
Would be interested to hear peoples reaction to this news? Were you expecting FoxFooty on Xbox/T-Box? Will this change your plans for getting Foxtel or are you just Pissed off?


  1. Phillip, the evidence that we have, including the AFL website, initial reporting on the rights deal last April, and other web sources, indicates that 8 games will be shown on foxtel for t-box and xbox and the other 1 game on the Bigpond AFL channel, which is available by those same two mediums.

    Foxtel were never, ever going to be offering the whole Fox Footy channel, because they don’t have the replay streaming rights. They have live streaming rights, while Telstra has replay streaming rights (the source of their current Federal Court stoush with Optus.)

    I’m still hoping that we’ll get a variety of shows to go along with live games – but given how many replays i expect Fox Footy to show, which will be most days, you can’t really advertise it as being the Fox Footy channel.

    I’ve also been cynical of Foxtel’s handling of this issue – put simply, I believe they’ve actively been withholding information on the Xbox and T-Box, using the court case which is actually largely irrelevant here as an excuse, because they don’t want to advertise these $30 a month packages yet. They’re trying to squeeze as many $60, 70, 80 a month subscribers as they can first.

    • You make some great points although I don’t know that it would matter if they showed the replays on the FoxFooty channel as Telstra and Foxtel both have the rights to do it. As the T-box already has the replays, I am more worried that we won’t get great shows like On The Couch and the like.
      Guess we will know more on Wednesday.
      The person from Foxtel that I got this info from was very insistive that FoxFooty was exclusive to Foxtel and was annoyed that there was any suggestion that anyone else (including T-Box) would have.

  2. Im hoping that the Xbox package includes the other show’s but am more then happy to just get all the games live. I would pay the extra if they considered bring the Fox Footy channel to the Xbox.
    Let’s hope and see tomorrow then.

  3. If the reports on forums etc are serious, then this will be a massive flop for telstra.

    If you are looking at the following costs, then it is just not worth it:
    $11 a month for TBOX or $299 outright
    $19.90 basic Foxtel lite package.
    $10 sports lite add on package
    $20 afl footy games.

    So you are looking at $60.90 a month. Are they serious? Who in their right mind would pay that.
    Not to mention the fact it is a low bit rate net stream that suffers from stuttering on pans. (I have the basic foxtel on tbox and it is ok when the picture is still, but shocking whenever motion. (Not real good for sport!!!) Also their is the loading buffering times for channels. Ok for normal tbox channels, terrible for the foxtel on tbox channels!!
    Will they then charge you more again for the NRL channel if it finally makes it to tbox after the next rights deal?
    You would be far better off just getting normal foxtel the way this is panning out. Maybe just go to the pub and watch it!!! :)

    Should be interesting to hear what they release over the coming week.
    Sounding like this is going to be one big disappointment though.

  4. Looks like Telstra have announced their tbox foxtel afl package. Talk about a RIPOFF!!!

    So basically-

    Tbox: $11 a month or $299 outright
    Basic starter foxtel pack: $19.50
    Extra sports package: $10
    Extra AFL package: $20

    So works out $60.50 A MONTH or $50.50 if you get the $10 off multiple services bundle discount.
    So pretty much the same price as a normal foxtel with sport package, but a fraction of the channels and quality?
    Not to mention putting up with the t-box’s operating quirks and faults and that the tbox foxtel feed is a limited quality internet stream (have to wait for channel loading, and the poor quality stream really struggles with fast motion and pans.)

    Sure disadvantages that can be worn if it is alot cheaper, but at the same prices or close to what is the advantage?

    If the prices on the website are a true indication of what is coming, this will have to end up a much hyped flop.
    Just way to expensive for the limited channels you get, especially when you can get full foxtel with sport
    (47 odd channels) for $61 A MONTH, and that is before you even see what deals they have going.

    I will be amazed to see if anyone actually signs up for this ripoff.


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