2011 AFLCA Player of the Year Award – Round 13 – Wells, Wells, Wells

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While round 13 saw Marc Murphy (1st on 62 votes) pick up another 8 votes to extend his lead to 16, there are two new challengers that are putting the pressure on his team mate, Chris Judd as they join him in second place on 46votes. Daniel Wells having easily his best year moved into a tie for 2nd when he collected maximum votes in the Roos match with the Bombers. The interesting thing of that game is that both the Coaches agreed on each of the 5 vote getters and how many they deserved. The last of trio in 2nd place is the Hawks Sam Mitchell. He split the top votes with Shane Savage in their match with the Suns.

5th place is being shared by Ryan O’Keefe and Dean Cox on 44 votes. Watson, Fyfe and Boyd are sitting on 43 in equal 7th and 10th on his own is Joel Selwood on 41.

On to the votes for the round (or go to the directly to the Top 20 players here):

Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide

10 Griffen (WB)

8 Murphy (WB)

5 Giansiracusa (WB)

3 Otten (Adel)

2 Ward (WB)

1 Barlow (WB)

1 S Thompson (Adel)


Hawthorn vs Gold Coast

9 Mitchell (Haw)

9 Savage (Haw)

5 Breust (Haw)

4 Birchall (Haw)

2 Suckling (Haw)

1 G Ablett (GC)


Essendon vs North Melbourne

10 Wells (NM)

8 Hurley (Ess)

6 Harvey (NM)

4 Petrie (NM)

2 Zaharakis (Ess)


Brisbane vs Richmond

10 Martin (Rich)

8 Cotchin (Rich)

5 Vickery (Rich)

3 Leuenberger (Bris)

2 Houli (Rich)

2 Redden (Bris)


St. Kilda vs Geelong

10 Corey (Geel)

6 Chapman (Geel)

5 Dal Santo (St K)

5 Menzel (Geel)

3 Stokes (Geel)

1 Lonergan (Geel)


Melbourne vs Fremantle

8 Green (Melb)

5 Martin (Melb)

5 McKenzie (Melb)

4 Scully (Melb)

3 Jones (Melb)

3 Watts (Melb)

2 Fyfe (Frem)


Carlton vs West Coast

10 Kreuzer (Carl)

8 Murphy (Carl)

4 Gibbs (Carl)

4 Yarran (Carl)

2 Goodes (Syd)

2 Scotland (Carl)


West Coast vs Port Adelaide

10 Hurn (WCE)

6 Boak (Port)

6 Le Cras (WCE)

4 Rosa (WCE)

2 Glass (WCE)

1 Kerr (WCE)

1 Priddis (WCE)


Player of the Year leaders Board after Round 13, 2011

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