AFL Teams – Round 13, 2011 – Ash Clouds, Injuries and Arizona!


Round 13 of the 2011 AFL season was all ways going to be a tough one for Fantasy Coaches (i.e. DreamTeam, SuperCoach, etc)  with Collingwood having their second bye meaning missing out on popular players like Dane Swan, Scott Pendlebury, Heath Shaw and Alan Didak, but it is getting worst and worst as the weekend goes on and looks like continuing as the teams are named on Thursday night and refined on Friday night.

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So lets start the journey through the carnage at the Ruck position. Mark Harvey reported that Aaron Sandilands who has missed about a month with his toe injury will not be back this week but will be back next week. But thats okay, we have Cox and Zac Smith to play ruck, right? Wrong! Guy McKenna reported today that Zac would be rested this week with “General Soreness”. This will force some trades and will force some to cover with the likes of Petrie (with his Dual Positioning). In other news from the West, Michael Barlow (last years Fantasy super Rookie) will return from his serious leg injury that has kept him out for about 10 months. Unfortunately off-setting the return of Barlow is the loss of there other midfield star, David Mundy.

Then we move to the backs were Hot early back, the Lions Vice Captain Jed Adcock looked like a man whos performances of recent times suggested that he needed to pull his finger. There has been a reason why he needed to do it and it was that he had an injured finger. He this week underwent surgery on a broken finger and will miss a number of weeks. This probably isn’t the biggest issue with the rookies in the defence having fired meaning that most teams have cover, except one team. The Lions. They are already reeling from injuries including having lost Merritt for about 10 weeks (or most of the season).

The Hawks are another team facing a massive toll from injuries after there Round 12 match-up with the Cats. The biggest of the injuries is too Jarryd Roughead who will miss the rest of the Season after rupturing his Achilles tendon. Next is Brent Renouf who took a big hit in a ruck contest to the point that he had to have surgery to remove his gall bladder removed. He will miss a number of weeks which means the Hawks are missing there two ruckman from the weekend. David Hale should be ready to return as should fan favorite Max Bailey. But also in the wings is Jordan Lisle who, to me anyway, is a more similar replacement for Roughy. Lisle has been groomed to play sometime in the ruck so I wouldn’t be surprised to see any two of the three or all three. The dark horse in the race is Luke Lowden who has been playing well at Box Hill. Clinton Young will miss as well with a hammy tightness opening the door for a return of Issac Smith and lastly Brent Guerra is in doubt after he got whacked by Joel Selwood. He is listed as a test but has to be considered unlikely with that perforated eardrum. On the other side of that incident, Joel Selwood will be missing for 4 weeks after failing in his appeal against his report.

Of course, all this analysis could come to not much if teams can’t reach there games due to the Ash Cloud that is causing havoc to AFL teams travel plans. Many teams are travelling early to give the best chance for them to reach their destinations.

I think there the major movements. Don’t forget to bookmark the page and return over the day to get all the team updates as I hunt them out across the web! How is your DreamTeam/SuperCoach side looking?


  • While your waiting for updates about the teams make ups don’t forget to check-out the latest Coaches Box AFL DreamTeam and SuperCoach podcast. Last night we had special guest, Skooks, who is inside the Top 500 with a bullet! We analysis his starting team and trades and then go through the round review to give you an idea who to keep, who to toss and what structral moves you should be considering.
  • Thursday 12:20pm: Carlton reporting that Houlihan will be very close this week and Waite will be named and might play.
  • Thursday 12:24pm: Bulldogs will have another player debut this week.
  • Thursday 1:44pm: Further news at the Dogs says that Adam Cooney will be back this weekend but Hall and Lake won’t.
  • Thursday 4:55pm: Teams will be delayed due to technical issues at the AFL. Will bring the news as it comes to hand
  • Thursday 5:02pm: First team in.
  • Thursday5:05pm: Chappy is in the Cats side according to their twitter. Was some doubt last night but could have just been an outdated injury report.
  • Thursday 5:08pm: Heppell and Hibberd survive the cull at the Bombers: In: Pears, Bellchambers, Stanton, Hocking, Lonergan Out: Hille, Colyer, H.Slattery, Welsh, Browne (all omitted)
  • Thursday 5:10pm: Hawks team in. As expected. Ins: Smith, Hale, Bailey and Ladson. Outs: Roughy, Renouf, Young, Guerra
  • Thursday 5:12pm: Gold Coast have lost 2 of the Rising Star chances in Smith and Swallow. In – Hunt, Hutchins, Gorringe, Shaw… Out – Swallow (ankle), Smith (ankle), Tape, May. Is Ankle Gold Coasten for General Soreness?
  • Thursday 5:14pm: Saints bring back Montagna: Saints IN: Montagna, Blake OUT: Simpkin, Ledger.
  • Thursday 5:14pm: Carlton IN: Houlihan, Austin and Armfield.
  • Thursday 5:16pm: Dockers: In – Barlow, Bucovaz, Mellington, Palmer, van Berlo  Out – Ballantyne (hamstring), Mundy (ankle).
  • Thursday 5:18pm: Port: In: Cassisi, Stewart, Davenport, Ebert Out: Moore. Eagles: Ins: Mackenzie, Sheppard, Stevens, Swift Out: Masten
  • Thursday 5:19pm: Carlton: Ins: Houlihan, Austin, Armfield. Sydney: Ins: Bevan, Moore, Mumford.
  • Thursday 5:20pm: Demons: Petterd, Dunn, Garland in
  • Thursday 5:21pm: Richmond: Ins: McGuane,Post,Webberley Outs: Astbury, Batchelor, White. Brisbane: Ins: Bewick, Drummond, Karnezis, Harwood Outs: Austin, Stiller, Retzlaff, Adcock
  • Thursday 5:25pm: Adelaide: Ins: Henderson, Schmidt Outs: Reilly, Sellar. Bulldogs: Ins: Gilbee, Cooney, Schofield Outs: Mulligan, Stack, Howard
  • Thursday Teams are in. More news over the weekend.
  • Friday 2:45pm: Port have a couple of possible late outs. Westoff with a foot worry and (Fantasy very Relevant) Jacobs with some sort of illness
  • Friday 5pm: Sunday squads are in and its time to make those trades in SuperCoach and Dreamteam! How many Donuts (zeros) are you facing?


Western Bulldogs

B: Liam Picken, Tom L. Williams, Easton Wood

HB: Robert Murphy, Dale Morris, Lindsay Gilbee

C: Daniel Cross, Matthew Boyd, Justin Sherman

HF: Shaun Higgins, Liam Jones, Callan Ward

F: Luke Dahlhaus, William Minson, Daniel Giansiracusa

Foll: Ben Hudson, Ryan Griffen, Adam Cooney

I/C: Ed Barlow, Nathan Djerrkura, Thomas Liberatore, Jayden Schofield

Emg: Sam Reid, Christian Howard, Lukas Markovic

In: Adam Cooney, Lindsay Gilbee, Jayden Schofield

Out: Brennan Stack (Hamstring), James Mulligan (Calf), Christian Howard

New: Jayden Schofield (East Fremantle)



B: Graham Johncock, Ben Rutten, Luke Thompson

HB: Michael Doughty, Andy Otten, Brad Symes

C: Matthew Jaensch, Scott Thompson, Nathan van Berlo

HF: Chris Knights, Ricky Henderson, Rory Sloane

F: Jack Gunston, Kurt Tippett, Matthew Wright

Foll: Sam Jacobs, Richard Douglas, Patrick Dangerfield

I/C: Bernie Vince, Jared Petrenko, Shaun McKernan, Christopher Schmidt

Emg: Ivan Maric, Aidan Riley, Richard Tambling

In: Ricky Henderson, Christopher Schmidt

Out: Brent Reilly (Knee), James Sellar



B: Grant Birchall, Josh Gibson, Paul Puopolo

HB: Matt Suckling, Ryan Schoenmakers, Thomas Murphy

C: Isaac Smith, Sam Mitchell, Shane Savage

HF: Shaun Burgoyne, Lance Franklin, Liam Shiels

F: Cyril Rioli, Jordan Lewis, Brendan Whitecross

Foll: Max Bailey, Luke Hodge, Brad Sewell

I/C: Rick Ladson, Michael Osborne, Luke Breust, David Hale

Emg: Jordan Lisle, Riley Milne, Kyle Cheney

In: Max Bailey, Rick Ladson, David Hale, Isaac Smith

Out: Brent Guerra (Ear), Jarryd Roughead (Achilles), Clinton Young (Hamstring), Brent Renouf (Internal Injuries)


Gold Coast Suns

B: Rex Liddy, Jack Hutchins, Campbell Brown

HB: Jarrod Harbrow, Nathan Bock, Karmichael Hunt

C: Sam Iles, Michael Rischitelli, Matt Shaw

HF: Nathan Krakouer, Tom Lynch, Jared Brennan

F: Daniel Stanley, Sam Day, Luke Russell

Foll: Josh Fraser, Trent McKenzie, Gary Ablett

I/C: Maverick Weller, Daniel Harris, Dion Prestia, Daniel Gorringe

Emg: Hayden Jolly, Joel Wilkinson, Jacob Gillbee

In: Karmichael Hunt, Matt Shaw, Jack Hutchins, Daniel Gorringe

Out: Zac Smith (Ankle), Steven May, Seb Tape, David Swallow (Ankle)



B: Michael Hibberd, Dustin Fletcher, Cale Hooker

HB: Dyson Heppell, Tayte Pears, Kyle Hardingham

C: Mark McVeigh, Jobe Watson, Brent Stanton

HF: Michael Hurley, Patrick Ryder, Leroy Jetta

F: Angus Monfries, Stewart Crameri, David Zaharakis

Foll: Tom Bellchambers, Heath Hocking, Ben Howlett

I/C: Sam Lonergan, Nathan Lovett-Murray, David Myers, Jake Melksham

Emg: David Hille, Brent Prismall, Travis Colyer

In: Heath Hocking, Sam Lonergan, Brent Stanton, Tayte Pears, Tom Bellchambers

Out: David Hille, Henry Slattery, Andrew Welsh, Travis Colyer, Alex Browne


North Melbourne

B: Scott Thompson, Luke Delaney, Michael Firrito

HB: Brady Rawlings, Cameron Pedersen, Nathan Grima

C: Shaun Atley, Andrew Swallow, Daniel Wells

HF: Jack Ziebell, Aaron Edwards, Liam Anthony

F: Lindsay Thomas, Drew Petrie, Leigh Adams

Foll: Todd Goldstein, Brent Harvey, Ryan Bastinac

I/C: Scott McMahon, Levi Greenwood, Samuel Wright, Ben Cunnington

Emg: Benjamin Speight, Ben McKinley, Kieran Harper

In: Nathan Grima, Samuel Wright

Out: Lachlan Hansen (Concussion), Benjamin Speight


Brisbane Lions

B: Tom Collier, Matt Maguire, Ashley McGrath

HB: Pearce Hanley, Joel Patfull, Mitchell Golby

C: Daniel Rich, Simon Black, Tom Rockliff

HF: Rohan Bewick, Mitchell Clark, Luke Power

F: Todd Banfield, Jonathan Brown, Sam Sheldon

Foll: Matthew Leuenberger, James Polkinghorne, Jack Redden

I/C: Josh Drummond, Ryan Harwood, Patrick Karnezis, Joshua Green

Emg: Cheynee Stiller, Matt Austin, Bryce Retzlaff

In: Josh Drummond, Ryan Harwood, Patrick Karnezis, Rohan Bewick

Out: Jed Adcock (Finger), Cheynee Stiller, Matt Austin, Bryce Retzlaff

New: Patrick Karnezis (Oakleigh Chargers)



B: Chris Newman, Alex Rance, Bachar Houli

HB: Brett Deledio, Luke McGuane, Shaun Grigg

C: Trent Cotchin, Dustin Martin, Reece Conca

HF: Jake King, Tyrone Vickery, Shane Edwards

F: Mitchell Farmer, Jack Riewoldt, Brad Miller

Foll: Andrew Browne, Daniel Jackson, Nathan Foley

I/C: Jayden Post, Tom Hislop, Robin Nahas, Jeromey Webberley

Emg: Shane Tuck, Matthew White, David Gourdis

In: Luke McGuane, Jayden Post, Jeromey Webberley

Out: Matthew White, David Astbury (Knee), Jake Batchelor (Soreness)


St Kilda

B: Sean Dempster, Zac Dawson, Steven Baker

HB: Jason Gram, Sam Fisher, James Gwilt

C: Brendon Goddard, David Armitage, Clinton Jones

HF: Brett Peake, Sam Gilbert, Adam Schneider

F: Stephen Milne, Nick Riewoldt, Leigh Montagna

Foll: Ben McEvoy, Nick Dal Santo, Jack Steven

I/C: Jason Blake, Raphael Clarke, Farren Ray, Ryan Gamble

Emg: Justin Koschitzke, Tom Ledger, Dean Polo


Geelong Cats

B: Andrew Mackie, Tom Lonergan, Matthew Scarlett

HB: Josh Hunt, Harry Taylor, Darren Milburn

C: Jimmy Bartel, Cameron Ling, Corey Enright

HF: Daniel Menzel, James Podsiadly, Mathew Stokes

F: Mitch Duncan, Nathan Vardy, Steve Johnson

Foll: Brad Ottens, James Kelly, Paul Chapman

I/C: Joel Corey, David Wojcinski, Travis Varcoe, Taylor Hunt

Emg: Mitch Brown, Allen Christensen, Josh Cowan



B: James Strauss, James Frawley, Joel Macdonald

HB: Nathan Jones, Jared Rivers, Jack Trengove

C: Tom Scully, Ricky Petterd, Jeremy Howe

HF: Colin Sylvia, Jack Watts, Cale Morton

F: Liam Jurrah, Max Gawn, Brad Green

Foll: Stefan Martin, Brent Moloney, Jordie McKenzie

I/C: Clint Bartram, Colin Garland, Jamie Bennell, Jordan Gysberts

Emg: Lynden Dunn, Daniel Nicholson, Michael Evans

In: Ricky Petterd, Colin Garland

Out: Neville Jetta (Hand), Michael Evans



B: Greg Broughton, Luke McPharlin, Antoni Grover

HB: Paul Duffield, Michael Johnson, Garrick Ibbotson

C: Nathan Fyfe, Matthew Pavlich, Jesse Crichton

HF: Ryan Crowley, Kepler Bradley, Tendai Mzungu

F: Clancee Pearce, Christopher Mayne, Stephen Hill

Foll: Jonathon Griffin, Nick Lower, Matthew de Boer

I/C: Clayton Hinkley, Zachary Clarke, Benjamin Bucovaz, Michael Barlow

Emg: Rhys Palmer, Jay Van Berlo, Josh Mellington

In: Benjamin Bucovaz, Michael Barlow

Out: David Mundy (Leg), Hayden Ballantyne (Hamstring)

New: Benjamin Bucovaz (Geelong Falcons)



B: Zach Tuohy, Michael Jamison, Jordan Russell

HB: Nick Duigan, Bret Thornton, Christopher Yarran

C: Marc Murphy, Bryce Gibbs, Heath Scotland

HF: Eddie Betts, Lachlan Henderson, Kade Simpson

F: Jeffrey Garlett, Shaun Hampson, Andrew Walker

Foll: Matthew Kreuzer, Mitch Robinson, Chris Judd

I/C: Andrew Carrazzo, Ryan Houlihan, David Ellard, Edward Curnow

Emg: Paul Bower, Mark Austin, Dennis Armfield

In: Ryan Houlihan

Out: Paul Bower


Sydney Swans

B: Nicholas Smith, Ted Richards, Alex Johnson

HB: Tadhg Kennelly, Heath Grundy, Martin Mattner

C: Rhyce Shaw, Jude Bolton, Jarrad McVeigh

HF: Ben McGlynn, Sam Reid, Josh P. Kennedy

F: Kieren Jack, Adam Goodes, Ryan O’Keefe

Foll: Shane Mumford, Craig Bird, Daniel Hannebery

I/C: Nick Malceski, Lewis Roberts-Thomson, Mark Seaby, Lewis Jetta

Emg: Paul Bevan, Jarred Moore, Trent Dennis-Lane

In: Shane Mumford

Out: Trent Dennis-Lane


West Coast Eagles

B: Ashley Smith, Darren Glass, Shannon Hurn

HB: Sam Butler, Will Schofield, Scott Selwood

C: Matthew Rosa, Matthew Priddis, Andrew Embley

HF: Luke Shuey, Josh Kennedy, Mark Nicoski

F: Mark LeCras, Quinten Lynch, Jack Darling

Foll: Dean Cox, Adam Selwood, Daniel Kerr

I/C: Bradley Ebert, Nic Naitanui, Thomas Swift, Patrick McGinnity

Emg: Eric Mackenzie, Brad Sheppard, Koby Stevens

In: Thomas Swift

Out: Chris Masten


Port Adelaide

B: Tom Logan, Alipate Carlile, Jackson Trengove

HB: Michael Pettigrew, Troy Chaplin, Jasper Pittard

C: Danyle Pearce, Travis Boak, Kane Cornes

HF: Matthew Broadbent, Jay Schulz, Robert Gray

F: Simon Phillips, Justin Westhoff, Daniel Motlop

Foll: Dean Brogan, Hamish Hartlett, Matt Thomas

I/C: Domenic Cassisi, Daniel Stewart, Ben Jacobs, Cameron O’Shea

Emg: Brett Ebert, Jacob Surjan, Jason Davenport

In: Domenic Cassisi, Daniel Stewart

Out: Jacob Surjan, Andrew Moore

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