AFL Teams – Round 7, 2011 – Bye, Bye, Byes, Byes baby those Multiple Byes


Its that time of the week! Time to check out the AFL Teams for Round 7, 2011 season.

Give me a “Whoo, Thank goodness those Multiple Byes are over! Whoo”! I don’t know about you, but the last of the Multiple byes (featuring Fremantle, Hawthorn and Geelong) hit my DreamTeam as much as we thought it would and was helped by the fact that normally reliable Fantasy players (like Goodes, Gibbs and Riewoldt just to name a few) also had shockers. Even serial Fantasy Captain Dane Swan had a Barry Crocker when measured against his ultra high standards! But that is all over now (well to much later in the season) and now we should all be in trading season, I know I am!

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So there is already news of possible downgrade targets becoming available. The Hawks have already announced that two of the players that coaches thought would be fantasy relevant this year would make their debuts this week. Nuggety defender, Paul Poupolo and speed machine Issac Smith will make their debut against Port Adelaide most likely replacing injured Cameron Bruce and Cyril Rioli. Do be careful, as I see Smith as a big chance to be the Sub in his debut (but could be wrong). The Western Bulldogs continue to have injury concerns with the news that star Fullback  Brian Lake,  is likely to be sent back to the VFL to gain some form and fitness. Higgins to miss again but should see the return of Daniel Giansiracusa and Ben Hudson.

The Crows still can take an injury trick with Phil Davis to miss most of the season with his Shoulder concerns. The Lions are likely to get the return of Josh Drummond but the big injury news is that the Dockers are hoping to get a lot of their injured players back in the next few weeks, and the biggest surprise is that they are saying that preseason star, Tendai Mzungu, could be the first back.

So we wait for all the teams to be named tonight. We do have a Monday game, so there will be some blind picks there. What changes are you seeing in your team as well as what are you doing in your fantasy side?


  • Thursday: No updates yet but you have time to check out the latest version of the Coaches Box AFL DreamTeam and SuperCoach podcast for round 7. I thought it was a great episode. The Live chatters like the initial segment where we discussed who we thought would be the 7-6-2-7 list of players that would be top in their position!
  • Thursday 11:45am: Essendon are saying that it is likely that Dustin Fletcher is likely to return for this weeks match.
  • Thursday 12:25pm: Hawthorn have confirmed that Bruce and Rioli will miss this week. No word if others out but I would suggest that Thomas Murphy will be close to being in the side.
  • Thursday 2pm: Ross Lewis is reporting that the Dockers are adding Broughton and Pearce to their squad for this weeks game.
  • Thursday 2:20pm: Being reported that Nathan Gordon will make his debut for the Swans this week.
  • Thursday 4:50pm: Most sides in. I am devasted that my man Suckling is missing with a knee injury!
  • Thursday 5:05pm: All teams in now.
  • Friday 1:30pm: Carlton have replaced Henderson in the squad with Brett Thorton and North have replaced Hansen with Round 1 sensation, Cameron Pedersen.
  • Friday 2pm: Hearing rumors that Thomas Murphy will be a late inclusion for the Hawks tonight. No word on who might be out!
  • Friday 5:40pm: Sunday teams have been named. Just waiting on the final line-ups for Monday Night Football. Hibberd out for the Bombers is a surprise to a lot of Fantasy Coaches.
  • Saturday 5pm: Final Monday Night Footy teams in for the Saints v the Blues
  • Monday 4pm: Rumor has it that Leigh Montagna could be missing tonights game for the Saints.


Port Adelaide

B: Tom Logan, Alipate Carlile, Jackson Trengove

HB: Michael Pettigrew, Troy Chaplin, Jasper Pittard

C: Paul Stewart, Travis Boak, Kane Cornes

HF: Matthew Broadbent, Jay Schulz, Robert Gray

F: Brett Ebert, Justin Westhoff, Daniel Motlop

Foll: Dean Brogan, Hamish Hartlett, David Rodan

I/C: Danyle Pearce, Daniel Stewart, Cameron Hitchcock, Simon Phillips

Emg: Steven Salopek, Jacob Surjan, Matthew Lobbe

In: Danyle Pearce, Travis Boak, Daniel Stewart, Jay Schulz, Simon Phillips

Out: Chad Cornes, Jacob Surjan, Matt Thomas (Back), Mitchell Banner, Cameron O’Shea (Shoulder)

New: Simon Phillips (Gold Coast)



B: Brent Guerra, Stephen Gilham, Paul Puopolo

HB: Rick Ladson, Josh Gibson, Grant Birchall

C: Xavier Ellis, Sam Mitchell, Clinton Young

HF: Shane Savage, Lance Franklin, Liam Shiels

F: Shaun Burgoyne, Jarryd Roughead, Chance Bateman

Foll: Brent Renouf, Luke Hodge, Brad Sewell

I/C: Jordan Lewis, Brendan Whitecross, David Hale, Isaac Smith

Emg: Ryan Schoenmakers, Thomas Murphy, Kyle Cheney

In: Brendan Whitecross, Isaac Smith, Paul Puopolo

Out: Cyril Rioli (Hamstring), Matt Suckling (Knee), Cameron Bruce (Knee)

New: Isaac Smith (North Ballarat), Paul Puopolo (Norwood)


Western Bulldogs

B: Liam Picken, Lukas Markovic, Dale Morris

HB: Lindsay Gilbee, Tom L. Williams, Robert Murphy

C: Daniel Cross, Matthew Boyd, Justin Sherman

HF: Callan Ward, Liam Jones, Josh Hill

F: Jarrad Grant, William Minson, Daniel Giansiracusa

Foll: Ben Hudson, Adam Cooney, Ryan Griffen

I/C: Brennan Stack, Brodie Moles, Mitchell Wallis, Zephaniah Skinner

Emg: Dylan Addison, Nathan Djerrkura, Jayden Schofield

In: Daniel Giansiracusa, Brennan Stack, Ben Hudson, Zephaniah Skinner

Out: Dylan Addison, Brian Lake, Jordan Roughead, Thomas Liberatore (Soreness)

New: Zephaniah Skinner (Northern Territory)


Sydney Swans

B: Martin Mattner, Ted Richards, Andrejs Everitt

HB: Tadhg Kennelly, Heath Grundy, Nicholas Smith

C: Craig Bird, Josh P. Kennedy, Nathan Gordon

HF: Ben McGlynn, Sam Reid, Daniel Hannebery

F: Rhyce Shaw, Adam Goodes, Ryan O’Keefe

Foll: Shane Mumford, Jude Bolton, Jarrad McVeigh

I/C: Jarred Moore, Mike Pyke, Lewis Jetta, Alex Johnson

Emg: Brett Meredith, Lewis Johnston, Luke Parker

In: Heath Grundy, Nathan Gordon, Alex Johnson

Out: Paul Bevan, Kieren Jack (Ankle), Jesse White

New: Nathan Gordon (East Coast Eagles)


Geelong Cats

B: Josh Hunt, Matthew Scarlett, Tom Lonergan

HB: Corey Enright, Harry Taylor, James Kelly

C: Andrew Mackie, Joel Corey, Mathew Stokes

HF: Jimmy Bartel, Cameron Mooney, Daniel Menzel

F: Paul Chapman, James Podsiadly, Mitch Duncan

Foll: Brad Ottens, Travis Varcoe, Joel Selwood

I/C: Steve Johnson, Darren Milburn, David Wojcinski, Tom Hawkins

Emg: Allen Christensen, Josh Cowan, Nathan Vardy

In: Josh Hunt, Cameron Mooney

Out: Cameron Ling (Hamstring), Taylor Hunt (Knee)


North Melbourne

B: Brady Rawlings, Nathan Grima, Scott Thompson

HB: Daniel Pratt, Michael Firrito, Jamie Macmillan

C: Benjamin Speight, Brent Harvey, Samuel Wright

HF: Scott McMahon, Cameron Pedersen, Lindsay Thomas

F: Kieran Harper, Drew Petrie, Jack Ziebell

Foll: Todd Goldstein, Andrew Swallow, Daniel Wells

I/C: Leigh Adams, Liam Anthony, Ben Cunnington, Shaun Atley

Emg: Aaron Edwards, Cruize Garlett, Cameron Richardson

In: Cameron Pedersen

Out: Lachlan Hansen (Back)




B: Chris Newman, Alex Rance, Jake Batchelor

HB: Brett Deledio, Luke McGuane, Dylan Grimes

C: Trent Cotchin, Dustin Martin, Shane Edwards

HF: Jake King, Tyrone Vickery, Shaun Grigg

F: Matthew White, Jack Riewoldt, Brad Miller

Foll: Angus Graham, Daniel Jackson, Nathan Foley

I/C: Robin Nahas, Ben Nason, Reece Conca, Bachar Houli

Emg: Jayden Post, Jeromey Webberley, Bradley Helbig

In: Daniel Jackson

Out: Shane Tuck (Soreness)



B: Greg Broughton, Antoni Grover, Garrick Ibbotson

HB: Michael Johnson, Luke McPharlin, Paul Duffield

C: Matthew de Boer, Matthew Pavlich, Nathan Fyfe

HF: Adam McPhee, Kepler Bradley, Jay Van Berlo

F: Hayden Ballantyne, Christopher Mayne, Stephen Hill

Foll: Aaron Sandilands, Nick Lower, David Mundy

I/C: Rhys Palmer, Clancee Pearce, Dylan Roberton, Jayden Pitt

Emg: Ryan Crowley, Jesse Crichton, Jack Anthony

In: Clancee Pearce, Greg Broughton

Out: Ryan Crowley, Jesse Crichton


Gold Coast Suns

B: Matt Shaw, Nathan Bock, Karmichael Hunt

HB: Nathan Krakouer, Jack Hutchins, Jarrod Harbrow

C: Sam Iles, Michael Rischitelli, Trent McKenzie

HF: Jared Brennan, Tom Lynch, Daniel Stanley

F: Brandon Matera, Sam Day, Daniel Gorringe

Foll: Zac Smith, David Swallow, Gary Ablett

I/C: Joseph Daye, Josh Toy, Daniel Harris, Liam Patrick

Emg: Marc Lock, Luke Russell, Steven May

In: Nathan Krakouer, Joseph Daye, Sam Day, Nathan Bock, Tom Lynch, Daniel Gorringe

Out: Luke Russell, Josh Fraser (Back), Charlie Dixon (Calf), Harley Bennell, Steven May, Seb Tape (Rested)

New: Joseph Daye (), Sam Day (Sturt, SA), Tom Lynch (Dandenong Stingrays, VIC)


Brisbane Lions

B: Cheynee Stiller, Daniel Merrett, Ashley McGrath

HB: Pearce Hanley, Matt Maguire, Jed Adcock

C: Tom Rockliff, Simon Black, Luke Power

HF: Claye Beams, Mitchell Clark, James Polkinghorne

F: Todd Banfield, Joel Patfull, Bryce Retzlaff

Foll: Matthew Leuenberger, Jack Redden, Andrew Raines

I/C: Josh Drummond, Tom Collier, Daniel Rich, Jesse O’Brien

Emg: Matt Austin, Amon Buchanan, Joshua Green

In: Josh Drummond, Bryce Retzlaff

Out: Broc McCauley, Jared Polec

New: Bryce Retzlaff (Labrador (QLD))




B: Dustin Fletcher, Cale Hooker, Mark McVeigh

HB: David Zaharakis, Michael Hurley, Kyle Hardingham

C: Ben Howlett, Jobe Watson, Leroy Jetta

HF: David Hille, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Henry Slattery

F: Patrick Ryder, Stewart Crameri, Dyson Heppell

Foll: Tom Bellchambers, Heath Hocking, Jake Melksham

I/C: Sam Lonergan, Angus Monfries, Brent Stanton, Kyle Reimers

Emg: Alwyn Davey, David Myers, Michael Hibberd

In: Dustin Fletcher

Out: Michael Hibberd


West Coast Eagles

B: Sam Butler, Darren Glass, Shannon Hurn

HB: Andrew Embley, Eric Mackenzie, Scott Selwood

C: Bradley Ebert, Matthew Priddis, Matthew Rosa

HF: Luke Shuey, Josh Kennedy, Mark Nicoski

F: Mark LeCras, Quinten Lynch, Jack Darling

Foll: Dean Cox, Daniel Kerr, Adam Selwood

I/C: Will Schofield, Nic Naitanui, Ashley Smith, Gerrick Weedon

Emg: Thomas Swift, Brad Sheppard, Ashton Hams

In: Will Schofield, Gerrick Weedon

Out: Patrick McGinnity (Illness), Andrew Gaff

New: Gerrick Weedon (Clontarf College)




B: James Frawley, Matthew Warnock, Clint Bartram

HB: Nathan Jones, Colin Garland, Luke Tapscott

C: Ricky Petterd, Jack Grimes, Colin Sylvia

HF: Jack Watts, Liam Jurrah, Addam Maric

F: Brad Green, Matthew Bate, Aaron Davey

Foll: Mark Jamar, Brent Moloney, Jack Trengove

I/C: Lynden Dunn, Austin Wonaeamirri, Rohan Bail, Jordan Gysberts

Emg: Michael Newton, Neville Jetta, Joel Macdonald

In: Matthew Bate, Matthew Warnock, Ricky Petterd, Addam Maric

Out: Jared Rivers (Ankle), Cale Morton, Stefan Martin, Jamie Bennell



B: Michael Doughty, Ben Rutten, Graham Johncock

HB: Nathan van Berlo, Luke Thompson, Matthew Jaensch

C: Ricky Henderson, Brent Reilly, Brodie Smith

HF: Richard Douglas, Shaun McKernan, Chris Knights

F: Matthew Wright, Kurt Tippett, Taylor Walker

Foll: Sam Jacobs, Scott Thompson, Patrick Dangerfield

I/C: Brad Symes, Jared Petrenko, Rory Sloane, Christopher Schmidt

Emg: Ivan Maric, James Sellar, Jack Gunston

In: Jared Petrenko, Rory Sloane, Christopher Schmidt

Out: Brodie Martin, Phil Davis (Shoulder), Richard Tambling (Suspension)


St Kilda

B: Sean Dempster, Jason Blake, Steven Baker

HB: Jason Gram, Sam Fisher, James Gwilt

C: Brendon Goddard, Leigh Montagna, Sam Gilbert

HF: Andrew McQualter, Nick Riewoldt, Adam Schneider

F: Stephen Milne, Justin Koschitzke, Arryn Siposs

Foll: Ben McEvoy, Nick Dal Santo, Clinton Jones

I/C: Raphael Clarke, David Armitage, Jack Steven, Jamie Cripps

Emg: Brett Peake, Nicholas Winmar, Ryan Gamble

In: Raphael Clarke, Justin Koschitzke, Arryn Siposs

Out: Alistair Smith, Zac Dawson (Suspension), Will Johnson (Concussion)

New: Arryn Siposs (Dandenong Stingrays)



B: Jordan Russell, Michael Jamison, Christopher Yarran

HB: Nick Duigan, Simon White, Bryce Gibbs

C: Heath Scotland, Chris Judd, Kade Simpson

HF: Andrew Walker, Jarrad Waite, Andrew Carrazzo

F: Eddie Betts, Setanta O’hAilpin, Jeffrey Garlett

Foll: Robert Warnock, Edward Curnow, Marc Murphy

I/C: Dennis Armfield, David Ellard, Aaron Joseph, Mitch Robinson

Emg: Bret Thornton, Zach Tuohy, Matthew Watson

In: Christopher Yarran

Out: Jeremy Laidler (Injured)

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