Video – Craig “Hutchy” Hutchison apologies to Jeff Kennett

Craig Hutchison went very, very, very hard at Jeff Kennett as far as his assertion that Jeff and Hawthorn coach, Alastair Clarkson, had lied over the fact that contract negotiations between the Club and Coach had been publicly put off until the end of the year. On the Channel 9 show, Footy Classified in the week of the Footy Show’s 500th show, one that would see Jeff Kennett make his first appearance on the show. Hutchy suggested that the announcement that the negations were put off at Clarko’s insistence was a lie. The question was put to Jeff by Sam on the Footy Show and as expected, Jeff slammed it over the fence. Hutchy was made to stand in the wings and continue the argument but Jeff slammed him.

On the Friday, Clarko confirmed Jeff’s comments, and mentioned that it was his idea and that he hadn’t seen Hutchy on his drive to Jeff’s house. This insensed Hutchy that put up one of the great rants on his show on Saturday morning, Off the Bench. He claimed that not only had Jeff lied, but it forced AC to lie, which forced Liam Pickering to lie and then went on to say that no one at Hawthorn likes Jeff and that they are counting the days till he leaves. Here is that Audio:


On the following Sunday, Clarko came out in an interview on ABC radio and said that Hutchy better watch what he said and also said that he did meet Jeff.

Well, it all came to a head on Monday’s Footy Classified when Hutchy, who in the rant on his show said:

“Save your Tweets, Saver your Emails, Save all the Facebook messages I am getting from people asking me to apologies, it aint going to happen because I am not wrong and I don’t care if the rest of the world says that I am.”

Well it seems that either Hutchy was wrong about this statement, he lied about this statement, or he thought it better to apologies rather then have his ass sue all the way to the poor house because on Monday’s Footy Classified, Hutchy did in fact apologies to Jeff Kennett! In fact his words were:

“So Jeff, I’m sorry, I apologies…….I would like to Withdraw the comments”

Hmmm…Don’t know about you guys but that sounded an awful lot like an apology to me! So I know a lot of people wand to see Hutchy groveling to Jeff and so, here it is! What did you guys think of this?


  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks for this article – as a sydneysider do not get to see most of the footy shows and now i can understand all the hoo-ha.

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