2011 AFLCA Player of the Year Award – Round 4 – Coaches Lovefest 10 for 7

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I can never remember seeing this! Not only was there only 7 games, but all 7 had a clear best on ground, as voted by the coaches, with that player getting the Perfect 10! Dayne Swan (27 votes) got the 10 Friday night and moved into the lead. In Tassie on Saturday, Buddy (19 vote) got the 10 and moved into 6th. In the draw, the evergreen Dustin Fletcher (16 votes) took the top votes and is sitting 11th in the league. Chappy (11 votes) was Happy in Sydney and moved to 21st after missing games early. Justin Westoff (25th overall) got his first votes with all 10 and moved to the best placed Port player in one go.

On Sunday, Brent Moloney (25 votes) moved into 2nd overall with top votes against the Suns (Ablett still the only vote getter) and Pavlich (21 votes) not only got 120 points from the tribunal but got the 10 votes from the coaches. He moved into 5th on the back of polling in all 4 games. Only 1 other player, Jobe Watson (24 votes, 3rd) has done that in all there teams games, although I note that Sam Mitchell (12 votes, 19th place) has polled in his 3 games, only missing the game vs the Tigers that he missed.

Here are the full votes and top 20 ladder. Who has surprised you?

Richmond vs Collingwood

10 Swan (Coll)

8 Thomas (Coll)

6 Cotchin (Rich)

3 Deledio (Rich)

3 Cloke (Coll)


Hawthorn vs West Coast

10 Franklin (Haw)

8 Mitchell (Haw)

6 Kennedy (WCE)

3 Birchall (Haw)

2 Lynch (WCE)

1 Priddis (WCE)


Carlton vs Essendon

10 Fletcher (Ess)

6 Duigan (Carl)

4 Watson (Ess)

3 Jamison (Carl)

3 Murcphy (Carl)

2 White (Carl)

1 Zaharakis (Ess)

1 Hocking (Ess)


Sydney vs Geelong

10 Chapman (Geel)

7 Wojcinski (Geel)

4 Scarlett (Geel)

4 Kennedy (Syd)

2 Mumford (Syd)

2 McGlynn (Syd)

1 Podsiadly (Geel).


Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

10 Westhoff (Port)

5 Chaplin (Port)

4 Ebert (Port)

4 Rutten (Adel)

3 Brogan (Port)

2 Trengove (Port)

2 S Thompson (Adel)


Gold Coast vs Melbourne

10 Moloney (Melb)

5 Grimes (Melb)

5 Jamar (Melb)

4 Trengove (Melb)

4 Sylvia (Melb)

1 Davey (Melb)

1 Bail (Melb)


Fremantle vs North Melbourne

10 Pavlich (Frem)

7 Ballantyne (Frem)

5 Wells (NM)

4 Fyfe (Frem)

3 McPharlin (Frem)

1 Swallow (NM)



Player of the Year leaders Board after Round 4, 2011

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