2011 AFLCA Player of the Year Award – Round 3 – Hard Cox Extends lead

AFL Coaches Association

After round 3 there is now 4 players that have polled in each of their games this year and it should be no surprise who they are. First up is the round 3 leader, Dean Cox (22 votes) of the Eagles who shared the top votes with Adam Goodes (13, Tied 10th) in their match. Next is 2nd placed Jobe Watson (20 Votes) who doubled his vote telly with the full 10 against the sorry Saints. Third is the equal 4th Chris Judd (17 votes). He kept his streak going with 1 vote against the Pies. Lastly, is the big Pav, Matthew Pavlich (11 votes) and equal 17th. He picked up 3 votes in Round 3 to go with 1 in Round 1 and 7 in round 2.

Also, Round 3 saw another piece of history with the Gary Ablett becoming the first Gold Coast Sun to get a Coaches Association vote when he picked up 6 verses the Bullies and moved up to equal 46th. Could his performance in that game also be the first Suns brownlow votes, but for that we will have to wait till Grand Final week.

Now for the full votes:

Collingwood v Carlton

9 Jarryd Blair (Coll)

9 Heath Shaw (Coll)

6 Jeff Garlett (Carl)

2 Travis Cloke (Coll)

2 Ben Johnson (Coll)

1 Michael Jamison (Carl)

1 Chris Judd (Carl)


Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast

10 Matthew Boyd (WB)

6 Gary Ablett (GC)

4 Daniel Cross (WB)

4 Robert Murphy (WB)

2 Josh Hill (WB)

2 Shaun Higgins (WB)

1 Dale Morris (WB)

1 Ryan Griffen (WB)


Adelaide v Fremantle

9 David Mundy (Frem)

7 Scott Thompson (Adel)

5 Nat Fyfe (Frem)

3 Stephen Hill (Frem)

3 Matthew Pavlich (Frem)

2 Bernie Vince (Adel)

1 Luke McPharlin (Frem)


Richmond v Hawthorn

9 Lance Franklin (Haw)

7 Josh Gibson (Haw)

6 Brad Sewell (Haw)

6 Jordan Lewis (Haw)

1 Luke Hodge (Haw)

1 Liam Shiels (Haw)


West Coast v Sydney Swans

7 Adam Goodes (Syd)

7 Dean Cox (WCE)

5 Jude Bolton (Syd)

4 Kieren Jack (Syd)

3 Nick Smith (Syd)

3 Quinten Lynch (WCE)

1 Shane Mumford (Syd)


Melbourne v Brisbane Lions

8 Liam Jurrah (Melb)

5 Jared Rivers (Melb)

5 Brent Moloney (Melb)

5 Luke Power (Bris)

4 Jed Adcock (Bris)

3 Mitch Clark (Bris)


Geelong v Port Adelaide

9 James Kelly (Geel)

8 Jimmy Bartel (Geel)

5 Joel Corey (Geel)

4 Joel Selwood (Geel)

2 Brad Ottens (Geel)

1 Mitch Duncan (Geel)

1 Paul Chapman (Geel)


St Kilda v Essendon

10 Jobe Watson (Ess)

6 Sam Lonergan (Ess)

4 Tom Bellchambers (Ess)

4 Dustin Fletcher (Ess)

2 Jason Winderlich (Ess)

2 Michael Hurley (Ess)

1 Heath Hocking (Ess)

1 Jason Gram (StK)


Player of the Year leaders Board after Round , 2011

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