Video – Tribunal – Brown out?

One of the worries of Suns picking up Campbell Brown and making him Vice Captain was that he is known to have white line fever and be suspect to brain fades. Well it only took two games for these to come to the fore. There were two incidents that will be a chance to make the weekly Match Review Panel post on this site. The first looks pretty clear cut when Brown throws an Elbow at Callan Ward of the Bulldogs. The Second was a front on bump that he delivered to Barry Hall. In the second he might be lucky that he didn’t hit his head and might get off that one. If Brown is suspended, he will have the dubious distinction of being the Gold Coasts first!

Here is the video of the incidents:


[stream provider=video flv=x:/ embed=false share=false width=540 height=240 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]


  1. […] one is the one that could be something that if he gets weeks for, they will be likely to challenge (video of incidents available here). There was a bit of a dust up in the Saints v Bombers match that could see fines but apart from […]

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