2011 AFLCA Player of the Year Award – Round 2 – Cream Rises!

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So even this early in the Season, the cream is rising to the top. Early Brownlow favorites have moved to the lead area with Dane Swan (17 votes, 4th last week) moving to the lead and Chris Judd (16 votes, 11th Last week) moves in to Second place with 9 this week. Corey Enright (17 votes, 11th last week) with a 10 vote game against the Dockers moved to equal lead with Swan. Swans team mates Chris Dawes (15 votes, 4th last week) and Pendlebury (13 votes, 29th last week) are also in the top 10 with Judd’s teammate Marc Murphy (14v,1st last week), Eagle Dean Cox (15v,1st last week). Ryan O’Keefe (12 votes) & Cyril Rioli (11 Votes) round out the bottom of the top ten before you hit a group of 4 on 10 votes.

Here is the full list of the vote getters  from this round and you can find the top 20 at the bottom of the posts. Any big surprises? Comment below.

St. Kilda vs Richmond

10 Deledio (Rich)

8 Grigg (Rich)

4 Martin (Rich)

4 Armitage (St K)

4 Milne (St K)


North Melbourne vs Collingwood

10 Pendlebury (Coll)

8 Swan (Coll)

6 Dawes (Coll)

4 Beams (Coll)

1 Cloke (Coll)

1 O’Brien (Coll)


Port Adelaide vs West Coast

10 Embley (WCE)

7 Shuey (WCE)

5 Kennedy (WCE)

5 Cox (WCE)

3 Gray (Port)


Gold Coast vs Carlton

9 Judd (Carl)

7 Garlett (Carl)

4 Murphy (Carl)

4 Gibbs (Carl)

3 Walker (Carl)

2 Carrazzo (Carl)

1 Yarran (Carl)


Fremantle vs Geelong

10 Enright (Geel)

7 Pavlich (Frem)

7 Hill (Frem)

2 Sandilands (Frem)

2 Mundy (Frem)

1 Johnson (Geel)

1 Varcoe (Geel)


Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane

9 Boyd (WB)

8 Griffen (WB)

5 Liberatore (WB)

4 Cross (WB)

2 Cooney (WB)

1 Murphy (WB)

1 Merrett (Bris)


Sydney vs Essendon

9 J Bolton (Syd)

8 O’Keefe (Syd)

6 Goodes (Syd)

5 Hurley (Ess)

1 Watson (Ess)

1 Ryder (Ess)


Hawthorn vs Melbourne

9 Rioli (Haw)

9 Suckling (Haw)

3 Burgoyne (Haw)

3 Sewell (Haw)

2 Young (Haw)

2 Sylvia (Melb)

1 Shiels (Haw)

1 Mitchell (Haw)



Player of the Year leaders Board

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