SuperCoach 2011 Preview

Special article from guest blogger Motts of website. SCTalk concentrates on providing information for all those in the HeraldSun SuperCoach competition. In todays article he has a little look at the SuperCoach comp as we are all scrambling to get ready for the first round lockouts.

With the first bounce of the ball in the Blues v Tigers match tonight SuperCoach kicks off for its 7th season. There’s been some changes this year so what are the things you need to know before you put a team together?

  1. With the introduction of the Gold Coast team we now have a weekly bye so you don’t want to pick too many players from the one AFL team because when that team has its bye your score is going to head seriously south. I recommend a maximum of 3 players from any one team and avoid having them all playing in the one position – eg don’t have Thomas, Pendlebury and Swan all playing in your midfield.
  2. Supercoach finals take place over the last 4 rounds of the regular season so you want to avoid having any players in your team at that time that play for teams that are going to be having byes. Those 4 teams are North Melbourne, Geelong, Carlton and Essendon. That means limiting now your exposure to those teams. I wouldn’t have a midfield consisting of Jobe Watson, Andrew Swallow, Chris Judd, Marc Murphy, Joel Selwood, and Jimmy Bartel! One or two of those guys is fine – you’ll just have to plan to save the trades to swap them out later.
  3. Seek out the value players. These are guys that for one reason or another have been priced at a discount to their true value. Some of the blokes that fall into this category are Andy Otten, Andrew Krakouer, Liam Anthony, Nathan Foley, and Chris Knights. Be careful though, sometimes the reason they are so cheap also means they are a little injury prone.
  4. Leave the least amount of money sitting on your bench – only pick rookies to sit on the pine. Anyone worth more than about $200k is just wasted while they’re not scoring for you. The objective for these guys is to have them appreciate in value and then trade them out for other rookies who haven’t yet played and therefore haven’t appreciated in price later in the season to make you money.
  5. Make sure every single player in your initial team is healthy and going to play in Round 1. This means scouring the latest injury list and going over the teams when they are announced at 5pm today. Some of the big names under injury clouds at the moment include Luke Hodge, Gary Ablett Jnr, Brian Lake, Paul Chapman, Nick Malceski, and Michael Barlow.
  6. Check preseason form. A good indicator of how a player is travelling is how he performed in the preseason games. The Herald Sun published the preseason stats this week on everyone that played. You can find it here.

To have a look at the team I assembled after many, many hours of contemplation head to and check out The Maulers ’11. SuperCoachTalk is a website that throughout the season provides tips, advice, and up-to-date stats and information on who needs to be in and out of your team. I hope to see you on there sometime.

Good luck in 2011.


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