Podcast – 10th March 2011 – Final 10 in 18 team comp & why we need it

Lot of talk around today of the AFL indicating that they are considering different strategies to the make up of the season in an 18 team competition. 8 months ago I put the suggestion of the Final 10 forward in a blog post on the AFL site and also in a survey that the AFL ran. Lots have crapped on the idea (including Mick Malthouse and Ed Wyatt) but I think its all in the selling of it being still a final 8 with the last 2 teams decided in a one week playoff between the 7th through 10th.

As with most things, the devil is in the detail and I don’t think people are thinking about what happens if we stick with a pure 8 in a 18 team competition! Anyway, hope you enjoy the podcast. Give me your thoughts below in the comments or in the Poll (up soon).


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