Coaches Box – Podcast 110 is available

Monty and I kicked off the DreamTeam/SuperCoach season with a chat about game matters, were the industry is going and Monty’s plans for an AFL Management game. You can the show here or sign up to get it automatically via iTunes on your iPhone or iPod.

Here is the description of the episode from the Coaches Box post:

Molly and m0nty are pumped AND stoked for 2011, with a lot of fantasy happenings to talk about as well as the usual player discussion.

The 2011 versions of AFL Dream Team and Herald-Sun Supercoach were just launched, of course, which is a good place to start discussion. The reintroduction of byes to the AFL fixture is one of many factors that will change the way the game is played, for this year at least.

Another innovation is the Dream Team Assistant Coach and Supercoach Gold features, which include blogs and other content from Warnie and Calvin from the Dream Team Talk podcast. Along with the Footy Tragic show on Channel 31 Melbourne and the Dream Team TV video show on, they are part of a big increase in fantasy media in 2011.

Meanwhile in fan land, the Fantasy Footy Club and the EliteDre@mTeamers leagues have been slugging it out in a BIgFooty thread, raising issues about groupthink and league management.

m0nty reads out the most popular team from the Fanplanner databases, 33 of the most-picked players by position, and Molly gives his thoughts on whether they are justified.

Finally, m0nty explains the new football management simulation game he is developing, codenamed Mr Football. You can access the original rules document, view the match code demo and see a list of player prices. If you want to participate in devising the rules or figuring out player values, join in the discussion on the new Mr Football board in the FanFooty forums.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to have a listen – it’s been a long off-season and I’m pumped the footy is almost back for another year! :-)

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