2010 Trade Week Wrap-up – North Melbourne

North Melbourne Kangaroos logoINS

Ben McKinley (West Coast), Cameron Richardson (North Ballarat, VFL)


David Hale (Hawthorn)


  • North Melbourne have traded David Hale and Pick 52 to Hawthorn for the Compensation Pick the Hawks got for Campbell Brown and Pick 71
  • West Coast have sent Ben McKinley to North Melbourne for Pick 86 ( Fifth Round)
  • Gold Coast have sent Prelisted Player, Cameron Richardson (VFL, North Ballarat) to North Melbourne for Pick 35 (Second Round)


17, 27, 69, 71, 98


(Yes, I am about to mention the new interchange rules again) With the new interchange rules and with them having two fine ruckman (McIntosh and Goldstein) and returning forward who can play ruck in Petrie, David Hale became expendable and it seemed the right time to cash in that chip. They received an end of first round pick for him (and immediately cashed it in) from the Hawks and this will add to there growing list of young players that is looking very impressive. There other two trades saw them give up draft picks for tall players. Ben McKinley had become expendable and will get every chance to replace Hale up forward with the Roos. Cam Richardson comes out of one of North’s VFL affiliate clubs, North Ballarat, and had a lot of raps on him. North and Gold Coast aligned in a win/win situation that saw them both get something they wanted out of the prelisting system. North got ahead of the pack to pick the young defender, which will be a nice strengthening factor to there backline while letting Hansen play forward more and Gold Coast picked up another draft pick to add another young high pick to there list.

So I think North have done very well in this trade week, adding to there stradegy of more youth. Time will tell if it will work out in the end! What do you think? Did they get worth for Hale? Did they over pay for Richarson? Is McKinley a list clogger?


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