AFLSpace Podcast – 8th Dec 2010 – Did Hawks deal kill independent Tassie team or help it?

So there has been a lot of talk about the Hawks deal with the Tasmania Government for 2012-2016 and how this deal killed the AFL’s prefered move to have North Melbourne play 7 games in Tasmania. Andrew said this set back the chances of Tassie getting their own team, but did it? Or did it in fact strength the chances by not powering up North? Also, is the possibility of the Hawks playing 5 games in Tassie too much?

At the start I commented on the fact that the AFLSpace has morphed again from just a Blog/Podcast, into a Social space now into a Blog network for AFL Blogs. Its still in its infancy and the only other blog added is my own Hawks Blog, Come and check it out. Sign up for an account. If your interested in starting your own blog on an AFL topic, be it the whole AFL, be it a club, be it a player or be it DreamTeam, Supercoach, stats, etc, etc, etc. Let me know and I will try and help set one up for you. The site will be pretty much yours to do all I ask is that it stays AFL based (Aussie Rules anyway, Second or third tier leagues welcome) and that you incorporate the social network side of things. I am new to the network side of things but it seems to be working well for me. Also, if you just want to contribute article/posts to either of my blogs, feel free to do that too. I you run a site already, I would love to have you guest post and (as long as there is some content and not just an ad) link back to your site!

Please if you have comment on either the show, Tassie, North, Hawks 5 games in Tassie or the AFLSpace concept, let me know!

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