2010 Trade Week Wrap-up – Hawthorn Hawks

Hawthorn HawksINS

David Hale (North Melbourne), Kyle Cheney (Melbourne)


Campbell Brown (Free Agent to the Gold Coast Suns)


  • North Melbourne have traded David Hale and Pick 52 to Hawthorn for the Compensation Pick the Hawks got for Campbell Brown and Pick 71
  • Melbourne have sent Kyle Cheney and Pick 66 (Fourth Round) to Hawthorn for Pick 52 (Third round)


19, 28, 55, 66, 86


Such a tough one for me to write being a Hawks fan but here is a go at it. Campbell’s loss will be a factor. You don’t lose a guy that hard at the footy, that puts his body on the line for his team and allways gives 100% without losing something. But his role in the team had changed and he was mostly playing as a forward. While the Hawks inquired about Chris Tarrant, there defense is widely underrated but lacks depth. They didn’t pick up a tall backup in trade week (one day we will get to draft analysis) but they added depth player in Kyle Cheney. He is no superstar but could be very handy in a back role or forward tagger.

The big risk was in the pickup of David Hale. It is still unclear if he we come in as a ruckman or as a forward. Brent Renouf has improved as a player and shows a lot of promise so it seems strange to me to think that Hale would come in as first ruck. The other thought is that he will play forward and change in the ruck with most of the time in the Forward line. The thought on him playing forward is that it will either be to allow Jarrod Roughead to play down back more or another thought is that with him and Roughy up forward, Buddy can play just about where ever the heck he wants. The interest thought is if the 3 do hang around the forward line together, you are going to need three good tall defenders to cover them, and those sort of defenders don’t grow on trees!! So you have the tall Hale, the bulky Roughead and the very mobile tall Buddy to try to cover. Apart from Browny, the Hawks gave up some picks, but nothing to write home about. The one thing they were a bit annoyed about was not getting a trade done for Josh Hill that they thought would cover for the loss of Rhan Hooper and Carl Peterson who both had there issues off the field and whos departure leave holes and could force Rioli to play more time forward then the Hawks would have liked.

So what do you think? Where do you think the Hale will play? Was he a good pick up or is he possibly a man without a potition in the Hawks line-up? Comment below and Rate the Hawks Trade below.


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