Exclusive – A new Giant in the AFL – Western Sydney name

Western Sydney Jumper

(See the Launch video here)

The Greater Western Sydney francise is preparing for a huge announcement on Tuesday, when they will reveal their name ,colors and Major Sponsor. The Age, on the back of my Exclusive reporting on the Gold Coast Suns domain name slip, have done some digging and come up with some interesting information:

Fans were asked to vote at the website nametheteam.com.auAdvertisement: Story continues belowCurrently the website lists the Giants, Rangers, Warriors and Wolves on its home page but fans are also invited to come up with their own suggestions.

But, curiously, two possible .com domain names featuring the Wolves and Giants were registered by the AFL only three months ago, including wswolves.com and wsgiants.com.

Interestingly, a search of Australian-based domain names found wswolves.com.au was registered to the AFL, yet wsgiants.com.au is owned by Friend.

via Domain name clue to GWS moniker.

The Friend company mentioned is owned by Tony Rambaut and a quick check of his Linkedin profile shows he (and his company) definitely have/are doing work for the AFL.

So The Age have done a lot of the heavy lifting, but miss the one domain that points most to the AFL having decided on a name.

That name, as you probably have guest for the subject, is The Western Sydney Giants!

Western Sydney Jumper

The domain that, to my mind, proves that the name will be the Giants is http://www.giantsfc.com. The AFL have a love of that <name>fc domain name and are making that their own. The AFL have registered this domain and none of the other fc.com domains for popular nicknames were registered.

So when they announce themselves as the Giants, remember, you heard it first here!


Minor further evidence of the West Sydney Giants, the name WSGiants is taken on twitter with no followers (except me) and following no one and having tweeted nothing. The show name is Giants.


The Herald-Sun are further reporting on top of this exclusive that the AFL have trademarks pointing to the Giants:

The AFL has filed two new trade mark applications with IP Australia overnight for the names “Greater Western Sydney Giants” and “GWS Giants”


As you can see, the Jumper designs for the new team have been found by searching the Australian trade mark system (Jumper 1 and Jumper 2). The jumpers are not Green as other wise was suggested but in fact are Orange, Charcoal and White.


  1. all of the afl club websites have .au on the end…

    • They do, but on the web, URLs are just human friendly address and so you can have many of them pointing to the same site. For example, hawthornfc.com.au is the hawks official site but hawthornfc.com works. This fc.com is very common in the AFL domain naming and so I would expect that the AFL have it for Western Sydney as well. That is why I believe it points to the Giants. I was right with the Suns and Tuesday will find out if I am right again!

  2. If the above jumper designs are accurate, I actually don’t mind them! Has it been made official as yet? Great work on this exclusive Molly, despite not getting a lick of credit anywhere.

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