2010 Trade Week Wrap-up – Collingwood Magpies

Collingwood MagpiesINS

Andrew Krakouer, Jonathon Ceglar, Chris Tarrant


Josh Fraser (Free agent signing by the Gold Coast)


  • Gold Coast have sent Andrew Krakouer (Swan Districts, taken by the Suns as a player previously listed by an AFL club), Jonathon Ceglar (Murray Bushrangers, taken by the Suns as a player previously nominated for the draft), pick 55 (From Fremantle), Pick 78 (Fifth Round) and Pick 95 (6th Round)  to Collingwood for Pick 25 (1st Round)
  • Fremantle have sent Chris Tarrant and Pick 44 (Third Round) to Collingwood for Pick 43 (Second Pick) and Pick 55 (Third Round)
  • Collingwood have sent their Compensation pick for Josh Fraser (Future Third round) to the West Coast Eagles for their Pick 45 (third Round)


44, 45, 60, 77, 78, 94, 95, 111, 128, 145


When you win the flag and you do so with a reasonably young list, with guys you are surprised to see on the side line and not Premiership team (Lockyer, Fraser, Davis, Medhurst, Anthony, Dick,etc), you wouldn’t think that Trade Week was as important to them as other teams. But then when you consider the importance of Darren Jolly and Luke Ball (although ultimately he came in the draft) who both joined the team after being hunted in last years trade week. So this year the Pies topped up again with two older players in former Tiger, Andrew Krakouer and the home coming of former bad boy, Chris Tarrant.

Tarrant seems to be coming in to provide support for the back line if Presti struggles again but possibly also to give another option up forward. Again (as I have talked about before) the new interchange rules could see this to be another good pickup. The fact that Chris can play both ends of the ground could make him the ideal player and allow a more aggressive pick as 22nd man for the Pies. Krakouer comes to the Pies after a stint in jail due to an assault charge. He played in the WAFL last year, winning the 2010 Sandover Medal and having a blinder of a game in the WAFL Grand Final. He will add to the depth of good running players at the Pies. Not everything is going smoothly for Andres but his return to the AFL could be the feel good story of the year.

The big out for the Pies is losing Josh Fraser to the Suns. They received a third round compensation pick for the former number 1 pick but cashed it in to get a pick this year at 45. They brought in youngster, Jonathon Ceglar but will more likely relie on others in there system to backup Darren Jolly. Winning the flag does mean that their picks aren’t good (especially when they sent their first pick to the Gold Coast) . This won’t be such a big concern to Coach Mick Malhouse as he is getting the ass at the end of this year anyway.

So what do you think of the Pies Trade Week? As good as last year, or why so many old guys again?


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