2010 Trade Week Wrap-up – Brisbane Lions

Brisbane LionsINS

Rohan Bewick (West Perth Falcons, Pre-listed by the Gold Coast)


Michael Rischitelli (Free Agent to the Gold Coast), Jarrod Brennan (Free Agent to the Gold Coast), Justin Sherman (Western Bulldogs)

Trades Done

  • For allowing Jarrad Brennan to sign for the Suns, Brisbane have sent Jarrad Brennan, Comp pick for Brennan, Pick 10 (1st Round), Pick 48 (Third round) to the Gold Coast for Pick 5 & 25 (first Round) & Pick 27 (2nd round) and Prelisted Rohan Bewick
  • Brisbane have sent Justin Sherman to the Bulldogs in exchange for Compensation pick the Dogs received for Jarrod Harbrow

Draft Picks

5, 25, 27, 31, 65, 82, 99, 116, 133 + End of first Round Compensation picks for Michael Rischitelli and Jarrod Harbrow


This years trade period was in many ways a result on many levels of last years. Last year of course brought numerous mature age players from other clubs, the biggest name of them,

Rohan Bewick

of course, being Fev. In trying to get the Fev deal done, Michael Rischitelli was offered to Carlton, but he refused the trade and stayed on with the Lions and went on to win the clubs Best and Fairest award. One of the reasons for not wanting to join the Blues was that he has a partner that wished to say in Queensland. So stay in Queensland he will, but not with the Lions but with the Gold Coast Suns. The Lions received an end of first round compensation pick for him that it can use in one of the next 5 years or trade.

The other baring that last years week had on this one, was the huge contract of Fevola that is causing havok in the Lions salary cap. If meant that the Lions couldn’t afford to bring in any more name players and in fact lost Sherman to the Dogs (for a compensation pick) and lost Jarrod Brennan to the Suns, as an out of contract player. The Suns could only “pinch” one out of contract player without permission and they secured that by giving the Lions a player from their Pre-listed player list, Rohan Bewick and then some fancy pick swapping. Seeing as Brennan was in the end (even though a trade was done to allow him out) an uncontracted player, the Lions received another end of 1st round compo pick that was part of the trade with Gold Coast. They got a compensation pick back when they traded Sherman to the Bulldogs. Sherman was unhappy and all through trade week his manage insisted he wanted to get to Melbourne for the footy atmosphere as well as the reduced travel that Victoria clubs have compared to their interstate competitors. He didn’t hold back giving the culture at Brisbane a bit of a touch up on the way out!

The only player the Lions brought in was Bewick who is a nephew of Essendon player, Darren Bewick. He had a fine year for West Perth in the WAFL which saw him picked for the WA State team but wasn’t able to take his place due to a broken leg. He impressed at the Draft Combine, where he was very competitive in the running activities. There is absolutely a spot for him if he is good enough in this aging Lions side, especially if they have the injuries that they had last season.


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