2010 Ongoing Trade Week Rumors and Happenings post

Going to try an ongoing post to throw out ideas. Lets see how it goes! This week can be full of rumors. Some are true, some are fanciful, some happen and some are just made up and get legs (once started one that Lewis to Blues for there 1st pick in around 2007 and the Blues fans ate it up)!


Okay, here is what is going on (updated on the run)




  1. Do you think Dowler will be let go by the Hawks, and perhaps slip into the pre-season draft? He wouldn’t be the worst option as a selection for Carlton – we’re short on tall defender types, so if he costs us not much to pick up, I’d reckon we’d have a go!

  2. Dowler is a really interesting one. Has had a lot of injuries issue and confidence issues after the Car accident he was involved with before he started with the Hawks. He isn’t really a power player (not sure if he was heading that way as a junior or not). There was a lot of excitement before last year that he might play what Monty (of FanFooty.com.au fame) use to refer to as “The Richo Role”, being the extra tall Tall Winger that could float into the forward line. Look okay at times last year but got injured in the warm-up too our first preseason game and never really got back.

    Ended the year (I believe) in the Box Hill Development Squad (i.e. the VFL 2nds). I still like the kid. Would love to get him through to the Rookie list but for himself, might be best severed getting to another club and having a fresh start.

    As for going to Carlton, I think he would be worth a go. Not sure he is the defender your after, but if you got him cheap, it would be little risk with some nice potential upside!


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