Trade Week 2010 Cometh! What does your side need?

(Click here for ongoing happenings in trade week)

So its coming up fast. The week fans are full of hope. The hope that they are going to get that last piece of the puzzle or the draft picks that will mean new kids to the team.  So trade week starts on Tuesday October 5, 2010 after being put back a day because of the Grand Final Replay. The trade week opens up with club meetings and the bidding on Father and Son prospects. Trade week ends 2pm on Monday October 11, 2010. Its a mad week and this year will also include a weekend for the first time that I remember.

So who does your club need or need to ship out? Names like Carlton’s Sam Jacobs, Fremantle’s Chris Tarrent, Brisbane’s Jarrod Brennan and North Melbourne’s David Hale have all either said they want to move or there is talk that they are be offered around.

So what/who does your club need? What rumors have you heard (or just made up 😉 )? Put’em in the comments below!

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