Podcast – 1st September 2010 – Travis Tuck & Depression

Big news this week in the footy world, with Travis Tuck having an incident and in so receiving his 3rd strike under the AFL Drugs Policy. It is also revealed that he is suffering from depression and this is the root of his drug issues. As someone with personal experience in the area of depression/mental health, I discuss my feelings on the issues. Including:

  • What happened from a news prospective with this issue coming to the surface
  • Little info about depression
  • AFL and the drug policy. I appluad that it is a Health policy and not a punishment policy
  • Look at the issues raised by the Hawks and Mick Malthouse in regards to the clubs wanting to know earlier
  • a personal message to Care for the Carers!

If you or a love one suffers from depression or you feel you might or that they might, please seek help.

Beyond Blue

Mental Health Fondation of Australia (Victorian site)

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