AFL Coaches Award Votes for Round 16, 2010

So its been a few weeks since I have updated on the Coaches award (I have added the missed weeks back onto the site) and things have got interesting at the top but the amount that can win the award might be down two or three.  So Hodgy (8o votes) and Dane Swan (79 votes) have cleared out by 18+ votes at the top of the table. There nearest rival is the Human Tree, Sandilands (62), but the Dockers haven’t been putting up the votes as much recently. Chappy (57) and Selwood (49) are the next closest but you would think that Chappy up are the only ones to be within reach of the leaders. Selwood is 31 votes behind or 3 perfect games behind. Even if Hodge or 211 don’t score, Selwood still needs a good run to catch them!

Mundy (48) is 1 vote clear of  3 others, Judd, Montagna and his team mate, Pavlich on 47. Lenny Hayes rounds out the top 10 on 45 votes. Interestingly, Garry Ablett has dropped out of the Top 10 after a tough month.

So onto the votes:

Adelaide v Geelong

10 Bernie Vince (Adel)
4 Graham Johncock (Adel)
4 Taylor Walker (Adel)
4 Joel Selwood (Geel)
3 Ricky Henderson (Adel)
2 Brent Reilly (Adel)
2 Simon Goodwin (Adel)
1 Harry Taylor (Geel)

Collingwood v St Kilda
10 Dane Swan (Coll)
6 Alan Didak (Coll)
6 Leigh Brown (Coll)
4 Dale Thomas (Coll)
2 Sam Fisher (St K)
1 Scott Pendlebury (Coll)
1 Sharrod Wellingham (Coll)

Hawthorn v Brisbane Lions
8 Luke Hodge (Haw)
8 Shaun Burgoyne (Haw)
8 Jordan Lewis (Haw)
2 Cyril Rioli (Haw)
2 Sam Mitchell (Haw)
1 Brad Sewell (Haw)
1 Jarryd Roughead (Haw)

Essendon v West Coast
10 Mark LeCras (WCE)
7 Matt Priddis (WCE)
6 Andrew Embley (WCE)
3 Ashton Hams (WCE)
2 Josh Kennedy (WCE)
1 Dean Cox (WCE)
1 Travis Colyer (Ess)

Western Bulldogs v Port Adelaide
9 Daniel Cross (WB)
9 Matthew Boyd (WB)
5 Jarrod Harbrow (WB)
4 Kane Cornes (Port)
2 Daniel Hargrave (WB)
1 Danyle Pearce (Port)

Carlton v Sydney Swans
9 Adam Goodes (Syd)
7 Heath Grundy (Syd)
6 Shane Mumford (Syd)
4 Paul Bevan (Syd)
3 Kieren Jack (Syd)
1 Chris Judd (Carl)

Richmond v North Melbourne
10 Andrew Swallow (NM)
8 Leigh Adams (NM)
4 Michael Firrito (NM)
4 Daniel Wells (NM)
2 Hamish McIntosh (NM)
2 Nathan Grima (NM)

Fremantle v Melbourne
10 Hayden Ballantyne (Fre)
4 James Frawley (Melb)
4 Colin Sylvia (Melb)
3 Stephen Hill (Fre)
3 David Mundy (Fre)
2 Anthony Morabito (Fre)
2 Jordie McKenzie (Melb)
1 Tom Scully (Melb)
1 Aaron Davey (Melb)

80 Luke Hodge (Haw)
79 Dane Swan (Coll)
62 Aaron Sandilands (Fre)
57 Paul Chapman (Geel)
49 Joel Selwood (Geel)
48 David Mundy (Fre)
47 Chris Judd (Carl)
47 Leigh Montagna (StK)
47 Matthew Pavlich (Fre)
45 Lenny Hayes (StK)

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