EXCLUSIVE – Proof that Gold Coast will be the Suns!

The media is going mad speculating that the name of GC17 will be the Gold Coast Suns. This first reported after a rumor on the 3aw rumor file! But as yet I haven’t seen proof of this beyond rumors. Well, I am here to give you proof. A simple check on the net shows that the domain name GoldCoastSuns.com is not available! A little further digging shows that it has been registered on the 18th May by the AFLs IT Manager, Tony Abate (Update: just saw that goldcoastsunsfc.com also registered by the AFL. Further checking shows goldcoastsuns.com.au and goldcoastsunsfc.com.au and sunsfc.com.au as well).

So it looks set that the Gold Coast team will follow in the failed Townsville Basketball team and the US city of Phoenix’s Basketball team and use the Suns as a name.

What do you guys think? Good choice? What would have been better?


Michael over at The Roar website found some other domains registered, some done yesterday! The names were the Gold Coast Stars and the Gold Coast Surf. While this could be a change of mind by the AFL/GC17, I think its more trying to throw doubt into peoples thinking (much in the same way the Hawks taking there 3 emergencies to Tassie this week (in round 16 for future reference).


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