AFL Injury lists going into Round 15, 2010

Any injury news this week? Just a WHOLE FRIGGING LOT!

The sad news of the week was the Saturday injury to feel good story of the year, Michael Barlow! His season ended when Rhys Palmer crashed through his leg snapping it and causing him into surgery to insert plates. He is out for the season. Jack Ziebell of the North got another break in his leg and looks like missing most of the season. The Hawks will go into their huge grunge match with the Cats with a 7 game win streak but without their skipper Sam Mitchell.

On the other side of things, there are some big names getting ready to return. Biggest of those names possibly returning is Nick Riewoldt. He is reportedly training at full pace and it will pretty much come down to if the Saints want his return to be interstate (with the plane travel) and on one of the hardest surfaces in the league. Bomber Thompson has reported that Brad Ottens is ready to return and could come back in this week to face the Hawks. It seems that if he does, he probably will mostly play forward, which would be helpful to the Cats due to Hawkins and Mooney both being missing the game, as well as midsize forward Steve Johnson. Ottens can definitely stretch the hawks.

Anyway, onto the injury lists!

Nathan Bock (adductor) – test
Brett Burton (knee) – test
James Craig (hamstring) – indefinite
Jonathon Griffin (ankle) – doubtful
Trent Hentschel (hamstring) – 2 weeks
Matthew Jaensch (head knock) – test
Chris Knights (foot) – test
David Mackay (ankle) – 2-3 weeks
Andrew McLeod (knee) – TBC
Brad Moran (knee) – indefinite
Andy Otten (knee) – season
James Sellar (knee) – 1 week
Sam Shaw (back) – indefinite
Daniel Talia (knee) – season
Will Young (knee) – test

Jed Adcock (foot) – 3 weeks
Matt Austin (leg) – season
Donald Barry (sinus) – TBC
Callum Bartlett (knee) – season
Jonathan Brown (abdominal strain) – 2 weeks
Jamie Charman (ankle) – season
Xavier Clarke (knee) – test
Josh Drummond (knee) – indefinite
Brendan Fevola (groin) – test
Mitch Golby (knee) – season
Matt Maguire (foot) – 2 weeks

Paul Bower (quad) – test
Chris Johnson (wrist) – 1 week
Matthew Kreuzer (knee) – season
Brock McLean (knee) – 2 weeks
Rhys O’Keeffe (back) – indefinite

Nathan Brown (shoulder) – 1-2 weeks
Brad Dick (shoulder) – 1-2 weeks
Nick Maxwell (calf) – 1-2 weeks
Sean Rusling (calf) – test
Steele Sidebottom (calf) – test

Darcy Daniher (adductor) – TBC
David Hille (hamstring) – 2-3 weeks
Jason Laycock (foot) – season
Anthony Long (hamstring) – 1 week
Tayte Pears (pancreas) – TBC
Taite Silverlock (broken fibula) – season
Henry Slattery (ribs) – 3 weeks

Michael Barlow (leg) – season
Greg Broughton (hamstring) – 1 week
Antoni Grover (hamstring) – 1-2 weeks
Des Headland (knee) – test
Chris Mayne (ankle) – 1 week
Luke McPharlin (knee) – 1 week
Brock O’Brien (quad) – test

Marcus Drum (knee) – 3 weeks
Tom Hawkins (foot) – 1-2 weeks
Steve Johnson (hand) – 2 weeks
Cameron Ling (back) – test
Steve Motlop (shoulder) – 2 weeks
Brad Ottens (foot) – test
Max Rooke (knee) – indefinite
Harry Taylor (foot) – test

Max Bailey (knee) – indefinite
Rhan Hooper (hamstring) – 3 weeks
Sam Mitchell (hand) – 1-2 weeks
Simon Taylor (fractured leg) – test

Rhys Healey (hamstring) – 4 weeks
Danny Hughes (ankle) – test
Max Gawn (knee) – 1-2 weeks
Jack Grimes (hamstring) – 3 weeks
Jordan Gysberts (back) – 1 week
John Meesen (ankle) – indefinite
James McDonald (hamstring) – 1 week
Ricky Petterd (shoulder) – season
James Strauss (knee) – 3 weeks
Austin Wonaeamirri (shoulder) – test

Liam Anthony (shoulder) – 4-5 weeks
Aaron Black (hip) – indefinite
Majak Daw (knee) – 3 weeks
Nathan Grima (ankle) – test
Ayden Kennedy (foot) – test
Drew Petrie (foot) – test
Ben Ross (hip/groin) – indefinite
Jack Ziebell (leg) – 6-12 weeks

Robbie Gray (back/hamstring) – 1 week
Hamish Hartlett (quad) – 1 week
Nathan Krakouer (groin) – 1 week
Marlon Motlop (fractured foot) – 1 week
Michael Pettigrew (knee) – 5-6 weeks
Jacob Surjan (knee) – 1-2 weeks
Warren Tredrea (ankle) – 5-6 weeks

Matt Dea (foot) indefinite
Nathan Foley (leg) – test
Tom Hislop (knee) – indefinite
Luke McGuane (ankle) – test

David Armitage (knee) – test*
Raphael Clarke (hamstring) – test*
Robert Eddy (knee) – test*
Jason Gram (groin/hamstring) – test*
Justin Koschitzke (foot) – indefinite
Nick Riewoldt (hamstring) – 1 week*
Jesse Smith (ankle) – season*

Craig Bird (foot) – 2-3 weeks
Craig Bolton (achilles) – 3-4 weeks
Daniel Bradshaw (hamstring) – 2-3 weeks
Matt O’Dwyer (shoulder) – 1-2 weeks
Jake Orreal (back) – season
Henry Playfair (back) – indefinite
Gary Rohan (ankle) – 1-2 weeks
Mark Seaby (ankle) – 3-4 weeks

Sam Butler (foot) – 4 weeks
Bradd Dalziell (finger) – 6-8 weeks
Darren Glass (abdomen) – season
Ash Hansen (hip) – 4-5 weeks
Shannon Hurn (calf) – 1 week
Jordan Jones (ankle) – 3 weeks
Daniel Kerr (hamstring) – 4-5 weeks
Mark Nicoski (shoulder) – season
Luke Shuey (virus) – indefinite

Ayce Cordy (shoulder) – season
Brad Johnson (ankle) – test
Lukas Markovic (shoulder) – test
Will Minson (ankle) – test
Sam Reid (shoulder) – TBA
Shane Thorne (knee) – 7 weeks

*Estimate only. Club has not provided official timeframe.

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