Podcast – Monty talks DreamTeam issues with a DreamTeam Royalty

My Co-Host on the Coaches Box AFL Podcast, M0nty,  had another non-review podcast with DreamTeam Royalty, Footylover18 last night. The conversation came from M0nty’s fruastration at the late withdrawl of Hamish McIntosh from the North team this week, at which he called for complete revolution and the overthrowing of the current 20 trade system to be replaced by unlimited trades and immediate price movement.

The conversation went in many areas including what will happen to the way DT will be played with the introdcution of GC17 and its inevidable bye, how will the flood of rookies from GC17 effect DT, a discussion of Monty’s side and why he picks it the way he does and more. A great listen for those interested in what goes through the mind of two great DTers (don’t mistake Montys score with his knowledge as you will find out on the show)!!!

You can get the show here and here is the official show notes:

The notorious footylover18 was m0nty’s guest on this Monday evening. As always when these two get together there are fireworks, especially when discussing the topic of “What is wrong with Dream Team?”

The debate was germinated in the late withdrawal of Hamish McIntosh on the weekend, which made m0nty so livid that he committed to advocating that the Dream Team competition move to an unlimited trade model in an effort to completely ban donuts from future competitions. No prisoners, and no donuts! Footylover18 defends the existing structure from m0nty’s multifarious probing attacks. Then the two boys chew over what should happen with the entry of the Gold Coast FC next year with byes and a whole host of fresh players.

That was supposed to be the whole show, but footylover18 launches a counterattack on m0nty’s own DT efforts, pinning him down on exactly why he has chosen to put his neck out chasing a unique-flavoured team with plenty of mature-aged rookies. m0nty fires back with his own salvoes about fl18’s pet strategies, including going too safe to win the cars. Then it gets really good!:D

There’s no round review given this is a special show – there will be a normal show later in the week with Molly – but footylover18 does end up giving his opinion onRyan Hargrave towards the end of the show.

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