Video – Dreamteam talk Episode 6 for Round 8, 2010

Haven’t had a video on the site for a few weeks so thought I would inject the DreamTeam Talk weekly episode! These guys are the funniest thing in AFL Footy if you ask me and the reason why 7 didn’t approach them when the were setting up the poor rating “The Bounce” show has me flumexed! These guys know how to do serious footy mixed with humor! The Hawks have seen their potiental and have a segment by them in their weekly TV program, surely there is a spot for them on main stream TV (if the boys want to lower themselves to that leave that is)!

Anyway, enjoy the show and don’t forget to checkout their site often to get all the news in Dreamteam (while your listening to the Coaches Box AFL DreamTeam and SuperCoach Podcast or getting your live scores over at FanFooty)!


  1. luke2177 says:

    Pretty good show this week! Hodgey seems like a nice bloke. Are you a Footy Utopia fan Molly?

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