Poll – Do the AFL have to get tought on teams over Injury Reporting/Team Selection?

On the Podcast this week, I brought up the issue of Injury reporting and Late withdrawls from teams. It is is getting out of hand but should the AFL step in and legislate to fix this growing epidemic? One of the examples I used on the show was that of Buddy Franklin being named in the side on Thursday, pulling out of the side Friday and then having his managaer, Liam Pickering, say on Saturday that Buddy told him he was at most a 20% chance to play on the weekend on Thursday!

On the show I suggested that perhaps we needed to look at not just fines or loss of draft picks, but if teams continue to lie about their injuries or make late changes, that they get there picks in the draft moved around. So maybe for a 3rd offense, not only do they get fined, but also perhaps they have 3rd pick moved down 5 places. If they do it again, lose 5 places on their 2nd pick, and so on!

What do you guys think? Do the AFL have to act or is it just bad luck? Vote and/or comment below

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