AFLSpace Podcast – 10 May 2010 – Injury reporting and Pink tops! (re-release)

(Note: Monday 6:40pm, Original file I put up was corupted and didn’t have the show part of the show. Please grab the updated version as I think it was a good one on some good issues)

On this weeks show I touch a couple of issues coming from the weekends games, one of which has been an issue for a while but is getting worse! So on the show:

    • Late player withdrawls – is there a problem?
    • Better reporting of injuries and training will help.
Field Of Women Live 2010


  • NFL Injury/training reporting system
  • Should the Hawks be investigated over their reporting of Franklin’s injury, him being picked in the side when his manager, Liam Pickering, claimed that he told him that he was no more then a 20% shot of playing on the Thursday?
  • PinkGate – Did the jumper class cost Melbourne the game?
  • Clash jumpers. That old chestnut!
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  1. luke2177 says:

    I agree that AFL clubs needs to take a lesson from the NFL when it comes to reporting on the status of player injuries and the like. Currently, coaches and club personnel in general show little to no regard for the “ordinary folk” like you and I. Think back to Brad Ottens last season – Bomber Thompson said he'd miss 2-3 weeks, didn't he? And it ended up being about a 3 month (or more?) injury. This just can't happen – but as it stands, the AFL are essentially powerless. Your suggestions are a good start, but I worry that these clubs just wont be made accountable any time soon for the blatant disregard they show to their supporters. Interesting issue!

  2. Thanks for this comment. Yeah, I don't know whether anyone else cares
    but its getting worse and when you have Managers bragging in the media
    about it, that is the final straw!


  1. […] The other big question this week, after the events last week, is the value of these named teams today and Friday? Teams are making late changes again left, right and center and one took it to a new level last week. St Kilda, as reported last week, pick┬áJustin Koschitzke as an emergency last week with every man and his dog knowing there was no way the Saints wouldn’t play him against a Hawthorn side that is known to be stretchable in the back end. Surprise, Surprise, Kosi did play of Saturday night but the Saints took it further! They in fact played all their emergencies (Kosi,┬áDean Polo and Ahmed Saad). Ben McEnvoy was reported out for 4-6 weeks with a knee injury he got at training. Now, to my knowledge no teams train on the day of the game so its fair to say that the Saints knew before Saturday that McEnvoy wouldn’t play apart in the match. But no mention of this was made. Teams have no respect for the fans when it comes to naming their teams. I’m waiting for the team that just goes with a massive change to the team. I mean like 10+! If there are no rules against it, why not, right? AFL needs to act! […]

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