Breaking News: Buddy Franklin to miss for the Hawks

You can’t say the Hawks haven’t had a lot of luck this year, but unfortunately its all been bad. The Hawks media department are reporting that in his Press Conference at the airport today, Hawks Coach Alastair Clarkson has stated that Lance “Buddy” Franklin will miss with that Ankle injury he got on Wednesday. No word yet on if the replacement will come from the

Lance Buddy Franklin

Buddy at Tuesday's training

Emergencies or if Beau Dowler or Jordan Lisle might get a call up. Wouldn’t be surprised if Jordan Lewis gets a reprieve as he was named in the emergencies and you would think the Hawks are short on inside midfielders at the moment after being smashed in the¬†clearances¬†last week.

Will update when a replacement is known. Full teams for round 7 available here.


Hawks site is reporting that Jordan Lewis flew with the team. Seems to suggest other emergencies where travelling but doesn’t name them. Could the Hawks be looking for a small running side on the big Subi side? What do you guys think?

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