AFL Teams for Round 7, 2010

A huge game will be played this week and neither side has won a game. Barring a draw, only one team will be winless after this round. Adelaide have been hammered with injuries and it will be interesting to see who is available for them this week. Two other sides, Hawks vs Eagles, is the match of teams yet to win a last quarter! Barring a draw, one will break their duck in this front. Eagles will lose some players from their side, namely Masten (inj) and Embley (suspended) and the hawks have an injury cloud over Mitchell and now Buddy as well. For DreamTeamers/SuperCoaches the Hawks team will be named tonight but they travel tomorrow so I can’t see them sending either of those guys if there not going to play.
TeamsOne of the most interesting sides to see this week will be Essendon who lose Dyson (inj) and Welsh (Suspension) seemingly opening a door for rookie listed player Ben Howlett who has had two best on ground performances for Bendigo in the VFL. But still rumors spread that he will miss again making us watching (and waiting for DT/SC) ask are the rumors of his club suspension true?



Sunday 9/5 9pm: Updated the Monday night teams. Paul Bower was a late withdrawal with a leg injury (annoy DreamTeam/Supercoach Coaches like myself that traded him in this week)!

Friday 7/5 7:30pm: Roughead a late out for the Dogs (with the rain) and Josh Hill in to replace him

Friday 7/5 5:10pm: Teams updated but not all the Squads for Sunday have been trimmed and Monday teams will be trimmed tomorrow. Big one for Fantasy teams is Mitch Duncan of Geelong being dropped (at this stage).

Friday 7/5 4:10pm: North reporting that Greenwood will miss this week. Cruize Garlett gets his first game for the year (team here).

Friday 7/5 2.05pm: Ninemsn confirm the Clark story. Also suggest that Freo’s Alex Salvagni didn’t fly with the team so would be in doubt.

Friday 7/5 2pm: Now Hamish Hartlett is missing for the Power replaced by Matthew BroadBent (SEN with that one). Also unconfirmed reports that Mitch Clark will miss for the Lions.  Will wait for confirmation of that one.

Friday 7/5 1pm: Hawks website is reporting that Jordan Lewis is travelling with the team but seems to mention more emergencies travelling as well but doesn’t name them.

Friday 7/5 12:45pm: Hawks have confirmed that Buddy will miss this weeks game with his Rolled Ankle. No indication about a replacement yet.

Friday 7/5 12:20pm: Jon Ralph is reporting on twitter that Ben Cousins is out and Adam Thompson is in for the Tigers

Friday 7/5 11:55pm: North are reporting that Hale and Edwards have injury clouds over them.

Thursday 6/5 5:20pm: All teams in. Stanley interestingly named on extended bench for the Saints.

Thursday 6/5 5pm: Most sides in. Who are the surprises? Comment below! Good for Fantasy Coaches to see Howlett named!

Thursday 6/5 12:30pm: Its being reported that Sam Mitchell will be rested again and Buddy says that he is right to play!

To the teams: Melbourne, Bulldogs, Essendon, Port Adelaide, West Coast, Hawthorn, Collingwood, North Melbourne, Brisbane, Fremantle, Geelong, Sydney, Adelaide, Richmond, Carlton, St Kilda

B: Cameron Bruce, Matthew Warnock, James Frawley
HB: James McDonald, Colin Garland, Clint Bartram
C: Jack Trengove, Jordie McKenzie, Jared Rivers
HF: Brad Green, Colin Sylvia, Lynden Dunn
F: Nathan Jones, Matthew Bate, Aaron Davey
Foll: Mark Jamar, Jack Grimes, Brent Moloney
I/C: Jamie Bennell, Paul Johnson, Tom Scully, Daniel Hughes
Emg: Joel Macdonald, Neville Jetta, Michael Newton

In: Johnson, Hughes, McKenzie
Out: Joel Macdonald, Ricky Petterd (shoulder), Stefan Martin

New: Daniel Hughes (Sandringham/rookie list)

Western Bulldogs
Jarrod Harbrow, Brian Lake, Dale Morris
HB: Ryan Hargrave, Tom Williams, Lindsay Gilbee
C: Ryan Griffen, Daniel Cross, Andrejs Everitt
HF: Robert Murphy, Mitch Hahn, Shaun Higgins
F: Daniel Giansiracusa, Barry Hall, Jason Akermanis
Foll: Ben Hudson, Matthew Boyd, Adam Cooney
I/C: Dylan Addison, Jarrad Grant, Brennan Stack, Josh Hill
Emg: Will Minson, Josh Hill, Easton Wood,Jordan Roughead

In: Boyd, Stack, Hill (late Change)
Out: Nathan Eagleton (leg), Brad Johnson (groin), Roughead (Late out)

Courtenay Dempsey, Dustin Fletcher, Henry Slattery
HB: Brent Prismall, Cale Hooker, Mark McVeigh
C: Heath Hocking, Jobe Watson, Nathan Lovett-Murray
HF: Sam Lonergan, Scott Gumbleton, David Zaharakis
F: Patrick Ryder, Michael Hurley, Alwyn Davey
Foll: David Hille, Brent Stanton, Jason Winderlich
I/C: Angus Monfries, Ben Howlett, Jarrod Atkinson, Jake Melksham
Emg: Bachar Houli, Tyson Slattery, Mark Williams

In: Melksham, Howlett
Out: Andrew Welsh (susp), Ricky Dyson (knee)

Port Adelaide
Jacob Surjan, Alipate Carlile, Troy Chaplin
HB: Paul Stewart, Chad Cornes, Steven Salopek
C: Danyle Pearce, Domenic Cassisi, Jason Davenport
HF: Matt Thomas, Warren Tredrea, David Rodan
F: Robbie Gray, Brett Ebert, Justin Westhoff
Foll: Dean Brogan, Travis Boak, Kane Cornes
I/C: Matthew Broadbent*, Daniel Motlop, Nathan Krakouer, Jackson Trengove
Emg: Tom Logan*, Nick Salter, Michael Pettigrew

In: D. Motlop, Krakouer, Trengove
Out: Jay Schulz, Matthew Lobbe, Josh Carr, Hamish Hartlett (quad)*

* Hartlett was withdrawn from the side on Friday. Broadbent has taken his place in the 22, with Logan now an emergency.

West Coast
Will Schofield, Darren Glass, Beau Waters
HB: Scott Selwood, Eric MacKenzie, Shannon Hurn
C: Matt Rosa, Matt Priddis, Brad Ebert
HF: Brad Sheppard, Josh Kennedy, Mark Nicoski
F: Ashton Hams, Quinten Lynch, Mark LeCras
Foll: Nic Naitanui, Adam Selwood, Tom Swift
I/C: Dean Cox, Patrick McGinnity, Ben McKinley, Lewis Stevenson
Emg: Mitchell Brown, Bradd Dalziell, Ashley Hansen

In: Nicoski, Stevenson, Sheppard
Out: Brett Jones, Chris Masten (knee), Andrew Embley

New: Brad Sheppard (East Fremantle)

Ben Stratton, Stephen Gilham, Brent Guerra
HB: Grant Birchall, Ryan Schoenmakers, Brendan Whitecross
C: Clinton Young, Luke Hodge, Matt Suckling
HF: Carl Peterson, Lance Franklin*, Chance Bateman
F: Cyril Rioli, Jarryd Roughead, Campbell Brown
Foll: Brent Renouf, Brad Sewell, Liam Shiels
I/C: Xavier Ellis, Rick Ladson, Jarryd Morton, Beau Muston
Emg: Jordan Lewis, Garry Moss, Shane Savage

In: Muston, Morton, Suckling, Peterson
Out: Michael Osborne, Jordan Lewis, Thomas Murphy, Jarrod Kayler-Thomson

* Franklin (ankle) was ruled out on Friday. A replacement has not been named at this stage.

Heath Shaw, Ben Reid, Ben Johnson
HB: Harry O’Brien, Nick Maxwell, Alan Toovey
C: Luke Ball, Dane Swan, Steele Sidebottom
HF: Shane O’Bree, Travis Cloke, Alan Didak
F: Dayne Beams, Paul Medhurst, Leon Davis
Foll: Darren Jolly, Scott Pendlebury, Dale Thomas
I/C: Brent Macaffer, Nathan Brown, Chris Dawes, Cameron Wood
Emg: Tarkyn Lockyer, Simon Buckley, John Anthony

In: Wood, O’Bree
Out: Josh Fraser (knee), Sharrod Wellingham (calf)

North Melbourne
Michael Firrito, Scott Thompson, Brady Rawlings
HB: Nathan Grima, Lachlan Hansen, Sam Wright
C: Jack Ziebell, Ben Cunnington, Ryan Bastinac
HF: Aaron Edwards, Todd Goldstein, Brent Harvey
F: Daniel Wells, David Hale, Ben Warren
Foll: Hamish McIntosh, Andrew Swallow, Liam Anthony
I/C: Lindsay Thomas, Leigh Adams, Cruize Garlett*, Scott McMahon
Emg: Josh Smith, Nathan O’Keefe, Daniel Pratt

In: Garlett
Out: Levi Greenwood*

* Greenwood was withdrawn from the side on Friday. He was replaced in the 22 by Garlett.

Brisbane Lions
Jed Adcock, Joel Patfull, Ashley McGrath
HB: Pearce Hanley, Brent Staker, Josh Drummond
C: Jared Brennan, Daniel Rich, Justin Sherman
HF: Luke Power, Jonathan Brown, Jack Redden
F: James Polkinghorne, Brendan Fevola, Todd Banfield
Foll: Matthew Leuenberger, Simon Black, Michael Rischitelli
I/C: Cheynee Stiller*, Matt Austin, Travis Johnstone, Tom Rockliff
Emg: Amon Buchanan, Tom Collier, James Hawksley

In: Adcock, Sherman, Hanley, Rockliff, Stiller
Out: Amon Buchanan, Matt Maguire (susp), Troy Selwood, Andrew Raines (calf), Mitchell Clark (groin)*

* Clark was withdrawn from the side on Friday. He has been replaced by Stiller.

Dylan Roberton, Chris Tarrant, Ryan Crowley
HB: Greg Broughton, Luke McPharlin, Roger Hayden
C: Adam McPhee, David Mundy, Paul Hasleby
HF: Michael Johnson, Matthew Pavlich, Stephen Hill
F: Matt de Boer, Chris Mayne, Hayden Ballantyne
Foll: Aaron Sandilands, Michael Barlow, Paul Duffield
I/C: Nathan Fyfe, Rhys Palmer, Anthony Morabito, Alex Silvagni
Emg: Clayton Hinkley, Byron Schammer, Kepler Bradley

No change

Geelong Cats
Josh Hunt, Matthew Scarlett, Darren Milburn
HB: Corey Enright, Harry Taylor, Andrew Mackie
C: James Kelly, Cameron Ling, David Wojcinski
HF: Tom Hawkins, James Podsiadly, Paul Chapman
F: Steve Johnson, Cameron Mooney, Gary Ablett
Foll: Mark Blake, Joel Selwood, Jimmy Bartel
I/C: Shannon Byrnes, Simon Hogan, Travis Varcoe, Tom Lonergan
Emg: Dawson Simpson, Ryan Gamble, Mitch Duncan

In: Ablett, Scarlett
Out: Brad Ottens (foot), Mitch Duncan

Sydney Swans
Rhyce Shaw, Lewis Roberts-Thomson, Tadhg Kennelly
HB: Martin Mattner, Heath Grundy, Nick Malceski
C: Jarrad McVeigh, Brett Kirk, Nick Smith
HF: Ryan O’Keefe, Adam Goodes, Josh Kennedy
F: Jesse White, Daniel Bradshaw, Jarred Moore
Foll: Shane Mumford, Jude Bolton, Kieren Jack
I/C: Gary Rohan, Ted Richards, Lewis Jetta, Michael Pyke
Emg: Ed Barlow, Paul Bevan, Matt O’Dwyer

In: Pyke, Rohan
Out: Daniel Hannebery (shoulder), Mark Seaby (ankle)

New: Gary Rohan (Geelong Falcons)

Graham Johncock, Ben Rutten, Phil Davis
HB: Andrew McLeod, Nathan Bock, Simon Goodwin
C: Michael Doughty, Brent Reilly, Nathan van Berlo
HF: Jason Porplyzia, Scott Stevens, Bernie Vince
F: Jared Petrenko, Kurt Tippett, Richard Douglas
Foll: Ivan Maric, Scott Thompson, Tyson Edwards
I/C: Myke Cook, Brett Burton, Chris Schmidt, Matthew Jaensch
Emg: Tony Armstrong, Jonathon Griffin, Taylor Walker

No change

Kelvin Moore, Will Thursfield, Dean Polo
HB: Shane Tuck, Brett Deledio, Chris Newman
C: Shane Edwards, Daniel Jackson, Richard Tambling
HF: Dustin Martin, Jack Riewoldt, Ben Nason
F: Graham Polak, Alex Rance, David Astbury
Foll: Tyrone Vickery, Trent Cotchin, Andrew Collins
I/C: Matt White, Robin Nahas, Mitch Farmer, Jeromey Webberley
Emg: Luke McGuane, Mitch Morton, Adam Thomson*

In: Polak, Cotchin, Martin, Webberley, Tambling, White
Out: Nathan Foley (leg), Troy Simmonds (knee), Matthew Dea (foot), Ben Cousins (back)*, Luke McGuane, Mitch Morton

New: Jeromey Webberley (Clarence)

* Richmond advised the AFL on Friday that Cousins had withdrawn from Sunday’s game. Thomson was initially named as his replacement.


B: Dennis Armfield, Michael Jamison, Jarrad Waite
HB: Heath Scotland,Bret Thornton, Jordan Russell
C: Kane Lucas, Aaron Joseph, Ryan Houlihan
HF: Chris Yarran, Setanta O’hAilpin, Kade Simpson
F: Matthew Kreuzer, Chris Judd, Eddie Betts
Foll: Sam Jacobs, Bryce Gibbs, Marc Murphy
I/C: Andrew Carrazzo, Jeff Garlett, Simon White, Chris Johnson
Emg: Steven Browne, Lachie Henderson

In: Thornton, Waite, Chris Johnson
Out: Brock McLean (hip), Lachie Henderson, Paul Bower

St Kilda
James Gwilt, Zac Dawson, Sam Gilbert
HB: Steven Baker, Sam Fisher, Raphael Clarke
C: Clinton Jones, Nick Dal Santo, David Armitage
HF: Andrew McQualter, Brendon Goddard, Adam Schneider
F: Jack Steven, Justin Koschitzke, Stephen Milne
Foll: Michael Gardiner, Lenny Hayes, Leigh Montagna
I/C (from): Jason Blake, Jarryn Geary, Jason Gram, Nick Heyne, Steven King, Farren Ray, Rhys Stanley

In: Gram, Heyne, Stanley

New: Nick Heyne (Gippsland), Rhys Stanley (West Adelaide)

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