Tribunal – Match Review Panel findings for Round 5, 2010

So the long weekend means two updates on the Match Review Panel. The first one is very boring with no one being found to have done anything wrong. If nothing happens from the Blues/Cats game, I wonder if this is a first week of no fines or points being given out? Here are the incidents that were looked at for the first seven games (unless I have an update about the other game 😉 ).


No fines or charges coming out of the Carlton v Geelong game! Could be the quietest weekend of footy ever from a MRP point of view!

Incidents Assessed:

Contact between Carlton’s Dennis Armfield and umpire Chris Donlon was assessed. The panel said that umpire Donlon stepped into the path of player Armfield as the Carlton player was leading for the ball. Armfield pulled up to try and prevent contact being made between the pair. It was the view of the panel the player did all he could to minimise contact and no further action would be taken.

The match day report laid against Collingwood’s Harry O’Brien for striking Essendon’s Henry Slattery during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game was assessed. The panel said that Slattery kicked the ball as O’Brien was coming towards the Essendon player to pressure him. At the last moment, O’Brien slipped and put his arms up in a protective position, which made high contact with Slattery. The panel said the action was not seen as a striking action. No further action was taken.

Contact between Richmond’s Luke McGuane and Fremantle’s Michael Johnson from the third quarter of Sunday’s game was assessed. The panel said that McGuane was tackling Johnson and McGuane left the ground in his tackling action. The momentum of McGuane took both players to the ground. The tackle did not consist of more than one action and the panel said the tackle was not inherently dangerous. Johnson was not slung to the ground and the panel said no further action would be taken.

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