Video – Eddie vs Anderson over Umpire time calls

An interesting piece of by play happened this morning on MMM’s Hot Breakfast. Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy brought to peoples attention that the umpires assistance at the games were letting the Umpires know that the end of quarters was coming. Eddie wasn’t happy about this as he brought forward the thought that this could cause bad outcomes to happen with the Umpires knowing how long the game/quarter had to go. Here is the conversation between Eddie McGuire and Adrian Anderson from the show:

So I have to agree with Eddie on this one. It is human nature for umpires to be effected by knowing how long is to go in the game. I mean if you don’t know how long to go,  you are just going to call the game as you see it. If you know that there is 30 secs to go, you might be a bit less likely to pay that close decision on the Forward line. The other thing is that you don’t have to give them the time to go ahead of time, why not just tell them that the game is over as it ticks over!

There is no good can come of this and it should be changed immediately!


  1. Adrain is a too defensive here and frankly does not give an answer worthy of his position in the AFL. I think Eddie is dead on the mark this time.

  2. Yep, Agreed.

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