AFL Coaches Award Votes for Round 3, 2010

Another round of Footy has gone by and the coaches have voted again! This week a couple of older players lead there games voting. Namely Brent Harvey, who got all 10 votes which is double the amount of disposals he got the week before and Dustin Feltcher. Jonathan Brown again lost another vote from the week before (has gone from 10 RD1, 9 RD2 to 8 RD3) but is sitting on 27 votes. New Swan, Ben “Leaper” McGlynn (leaper as he must have something to stop players going anywhere near him), went 2 votes better then last week getting the 10. Here are the votes for Round 3:

St Kilda v Collingwood

10 Sam Gilbert (St K)

5 Lenny Hayes (St K)

5 Luke Ball (Coll)

4 Travis Cloke (Coll)

3 Leigh Montagna (St K)

2 Sharrod Wellingham (Coll)

1 Jason Gram (St K)

North Melbourne v West Coast

10 Brent Harvey (NM)

7 Daniel Wells (NM)

6 Ryan Bastinac (NM)

5 Matt Priddis (WCE)

1 Mark LeCras (WCE)

1 Michael Firrito (NM)

Sydney v Richmond

10 Ben McGlynn (Syd)

8 Heath Grundy (Syd)

5 Nick Malceski (Syd)

3 Jude Bolton (Syd)

2 Adam Goodes (Syd)

2 Dustin Martin (Rich)

Carlton v Essendon

8 Dustin Fletcher (Ess)

6 Nathan Lovett-Murray (Ess)

4 Jobe Watson (Ess)

4 Tayte Pears (Ess)

3 Ricky Dyson (Ess)

3 Kade Simpson (Carl)

2 Kyle Reimers (Ess)

Port Adelaide v Brisbane

8 Jonathan Brown (Bris)

8 Justin Sherman (Bris)

6 Michael Rischitelli (Bris)

4 Brendan Fevola (Bris)

2 Josh Drummond (Bris)

1 Todd Banfield (Bris)

1 Steven Salopek (Port)

Melbourne v Adelaide

8 James Frawley (Melb)

5 James McDonald (Melb)

5 Simon Goodwin (Adel)

4 Mark Jamar (Melb)

3 Jack Grimes (Melb)

3 Brett Burton (Adel)

2 Bernie Vince (Adel)

Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs

9 Cyril Rioli (Haw)

7 Ryan Griffen (WB)

6 Matthew Boyd (WB)

4 Adam Cooney (WB)

2 Lindsay Gilbee (WB)

2 Luke Hodge (Haw)

Fremantle v Geelong

10 Matthew Pavlich (Frem)

8 Gary Ablett (Geel)

5 Paul Chapman (Geel)

3 Aaron Sandilands (Frem)

3 Stephen Hill (Frem)

1 Paul Duffield (Frem)

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