Breaking News – Wayne Carey to join SEN

Well I think this is breaking news, I haven’t heard it officially announced yet.  Was surprised when listening to the Wayne Carey on the Backpagelead site during the sign off that the host mentioned to Carey to have good luck on ONEHD and on SEN. Now to my knowledge there had been no announcement of Carey joining SEN. There was press last week about Wayne joining ONEHD to do at least one episode of One Week at a Time, the stations Monday night Footy show. There was the normal love/hate comments about Carey but I for one look forward to his return. In the preseason/late last year there was talk that Wayne would part time coach. I am not sure if this rules this out but personally I would love to see him spend some time with my Hawk players, Buddy, Roughy and the other young forwards.

Lets see how this plays out, but I for one welcome this move if it happens.


On the Morning Glory’s twitter page was this:

Twitter is back on our agenda – Wayne Carey will replace Matthew Lloyd in the Driver’s Seat tomorrow – tune in from 7:30am

Confirmation that he is on SEN.


  1. Malandsarah says:

    can anyone tell me wayne carey lives and works now?

  2. No, sorry dude. Has done some stuff around (like on SEN) but not sure has a big presence yet.

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