Podcast 19th October 2009 – Post Season, Post Trade Week, Post Blue Boy Fev

Hi Guys,

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On this weeks Show I look at:

  • Grand final mention
  • Fev at the Brownlow mention
  • Trade week mention
  • Fevola traded to the Lions
  • Is Eddie McGuire pushing for Free Agency with his comments on Carlton not trading with the Pies?

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  1. Molly,noticed I am in a DT league with you and someone else from last years CoachesBox league.Something going on or is this just coincidence?

  2. Probably running in similar crowds. DT is a small world. Hope you did better then me this week, but that is the risk with a midprice, 5 rookie stradegy I took in and hope that guys like Vince can continue to stink it up long enough to become juicey upgrade targets! My rookies are doing well.

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