2009 AFL Trade week – FEV DEAL DONE! (Final result)

North Melbourne Kangaroos Training Session


Trade week starts today and with the new rules and the Gold Coast sucking the oxygen  out of the upcoming draft, trades are coming thick and fast. Here are the trades as they get done.


  1. Josh Gibson and Pick 69 from North Melbourne to the Hawks for Pick 25 and 41
  2. Brisbane reporting that they have picked up Andrew Raines from the Tigers for Pick 44 (Lions third round pick)
  3. Melbourne will trade Brock McLean to Carlton for Pick 11
  4. Three way trade with: Brisbane gets Buchanan & Staker & Pick 28.  West Coast gets Dalzeill and pick 22. Sydney gets Seaby and Pick 39.
  5.  Sydney and Bulldogs are talking over traded Barry Hall. Swans want  get a 3rd Round pick (47) from the Dogs and Both teams will announce later some swapping of later picks aw
  6. Essendon are shipping Andrew Lovett to St Kidla for there first pick in the draft, pick 16.
  7. Brisbane sent pick 47 to Sydney for pick 39. Must of been part of the three way deal
  8. Fremantle will be sending Brett Peake back to Victoria to play with the St Kilda in exchange for pick 48
  9. Sydney have traded Darren Jolly to Collingwood for Picks 14 and 46. UPDATE: This is said to be official but not showing up on the official trade board.  Its Now Official
  10. Port have traded Mitch Farmer to Richmond for Jay Schulz. (It makes me sad that he wasn’t traded to Geelong so they had Schulz and Hogan in the same side)
  11. Hawks have obtained Shaun Burgoyne, Port has received Jay Nash and Picks 9, 16 and 97, Essendon has received Mark WIlliams with Pick 24 and 33 and just for good measure, the Cats got involved and picked up picks 40, 42 and 56. (wow)
  12. The Swans have obtained Shane “The Amazing” Mumford from the Cats for pick 28
  13. St Kidla have traded Xavier Clarke to Brisbane for pick 60
  14. Hawks have reluctantly  sent Ben “Leper” McGlynn and Josh “Joey” Kennedy to Sydney for Picks 39,46 and 70
  15. Fremantle have sent Marcus Drum to the Cats in exchange for pick 49
  16. Brendan Fevola and pick 27 to Brisbane. Lachie Henderson and Pick 12 to Carlton. This is scarey! Fev, Bradshaw and Brown in the one side although there cap must be splitting!
  17. Bit of trading of picks. Hawks get 58 from Bombers pick 89. Must be part of Williams deal. ( wonder if this sets up another deal with the hawks)


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