MMM – The Molly Plan for Trade and drafting in the AFL

Ricky Nixon, Player Agent pushing for Free Agency

Its been a while since the last show and so I started off going through the results of the 2008 finals and looking back at the Brownlow winner, Adam Cooney and the Grand Finalist, Geelong and Hawthorn. The Premiership cup was raised be Sam Mitchell and Alastair Clarkson of the Mighty Hawks.

I then discussed trade week. The rant of the show was saved for my ideas on how to get Trade week to work (starting with extending it longer then a week).

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How to stop the threat of players leaving and entering the Preseason Draft (PSD), namely by scraping it. And also how to avoid a dangerous Free Agent implementation and instead make all players not selected in the draft Free Agents. This is to make the Player Agents (like Ricky Nixon) happy that the fringe players have a chance to get to the teams they want/need too. I also suggest that Free agency should continue into the season.

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Ricky Nixon, Player Agent pushing Free Agency

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