Poll: Where will Ryan O’Keefe end up?

Ryan O'KeefeWell its the AFL Trade week and the biggest name of a player that looks like he is looking for a new home is Sydney Swans All-Australian forward, Ryan O’Keefe. He is said to wanting to come home to Melbourne and after the first day of trade talks it appears the reigning Premiers, Hawthorn, are interested if the price is right!

So Where will he end up? Will he stay with the Swans or will he end up in Melbourne and if so, with who?

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  1. Think he will stay in Sydney but maybe Essendon could be an option with Essendon giving Lovett and a draft pick in exchange.

  2. Yep, agree. I am really interested why the Hawks would be so
    interested. It doesn't seem to fit too me but its true. Wonder if they
    are just after a huge bargain!

  3. didnt know u had ur own site molly,

    i'm thinkin carlton will take him in the PSD

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