BREAKING NEWS: Sam Mitchell cleared of Grand Final hit on Gary Ablett

Premiership Captain of 2008, Sam Mitchell, Confirmed in an interview with Mark “Ferret” Doran that he was cleared of the Grand Final report for bumping Gary Ablett. He apparently got a text from Mark Evans (Hawthorn Footy Manager) saying he was let off!

For those that missed it, here it is. What do you think? Leave comments below!

Will have more on MRP (Match Review Panel) when it comes to hand.


AFL Match Review panel saw the incident as this:

The match day report against Hawthorn’s Sam Mitchell for making forceful contact from front-on against Geelong’s Gary Ablett was reviewed. It was the view of the panel that Mitchell’s bump was caused by circumstances outside the control of the player, which could not be reasonably foreseen, in that Mitchell was pushed by Geelong’s Cameron Ling into the contact with Ablett. On the viewing of further vision that was made available today, Mitchell tried to reduce the impact by attempting to slow down before contact was made. Mitchell did not turn side-on to bump Ablett. It was the view of the panel that the bulk of the contact was between Mitchell’s ribs and Ablett’s right shoulder. There was some contact between Mitchell’s forearm and Ablett’s head but that was seen as self-protection by Mitchell by the panel. No further action was taken.

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