Shaw Didak wasn’t in that Car? The Shaws and Didak suspended

Heath Shaw and Alan Didak

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I reported yesterday about the reports of Heath Shaw being caught drink driving and having an accident. Collingwood did an investigation and by about 1pm Eddie McGuire and Mick Malthouse were on the front foot, explaining how Heath’s actions were good enough and pointing out that the passenger wasn’t Didak (even after some some reports of him being in the Ute when it crashed), that both players had assured the club that the “Slimmey Friend” (as Eddie but it) wasn’t Didak. In fact all the questioning by the media drew Eddie to this fantastic quote:

Didak will be accused of the Kennedy shooting next.

After that, Shaw and the leadership group faced the music in a press conference. Heater (Heath Shaw) talked about how sorry he was and how empty he felt. When asked again about the passenger, he said it was a friend that he didn’t wan’t to get in trouble. Scott Burns, Collingwood captain, stepped in and said that if he said it wasn’t Didak, it wasn’t Didak.

Unfortunately the people saying it was Didak grew and in fact, the lady who’s car was run into called Melbourne radio 3AW and in her interview mentioned that Didak was on the scene when they came out. Shaw’s claim that he rang Didak, but this didn’t seem to hold true. In fact it was reported about 8:30  in the evening that Shaw had either came to the Club or contacted the club in tears with the truth that Didak was in the car.

Collingwood straight away put out a press release saying that further information would be released.

Today, at 3pm, Collingwood came out and reported that they had Suspended both Heath Shaw and Didak for the rest of the season including Finals (should the Pies make it) and at the end of the season their future at the club would be reassed. Shaw was fined $10,000 and Didak $5000. Heath’s broher, Rhyce, was out drinking while injured which seems a no-no at Collingwood (well most clubs for that matter) and so was fined $5,00 and a two match suspension.

Thats about the story in two seconds. I will be trying to put my thoughts down in a podcast, so checkout for that tomorrow luch time.,21985,24132212-661,00.html

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